“Calm down!”

Two stories from Sunday, August 8:
– Unanswered prayer
– Direction for The William Tell Show

Unanswered prayer …

… isn’t always what’s happening when we don’t get what we want.

In my time of prayer for myself daily, I begin by praying for various health concerns.  Then come the practical concerns pertinent tasks facing me, or changes I want to make in my personality.

This morning, the first practical concern was housing; that I have the nerve to actually do the work.  Specifically, I am currently most interested in two properties in the 1700 block of Fleet Street.  The hotel where I stay is in the 1700 block Russell Street.  From here to there is over the river and through the woods.  I have been anxious for weeks about transportation to get there and back, to view those properties.

Until today, I’ve never actually prayed about it!

So, today, for the first time ever, I did that.

Now, perhaps I’ll get what I want.

Direction for The William Tell Show

Following prayer for myself, I pray for my family; for certain specific individuals; my church and its community; and then the church prayer list.

At the end of all that today, I imagined that this woman approached me all distraught about some certain public controversy.  Whatever it was did not seem all that important to me, but she was in real distress.

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Some weeks ago, I was envisioning what The William Tell Show might become, and it seemed to me that I would wind up telling people, as to every public controversy, “Calm down!”  That struck me as superficial and, ultimately, boring.

But there are people who need to hear that.  And I have the tools whereby they can calm down — and obtain relief from their distress.  One is shifts in worldview — that DON’T involve taking sides in any conflict.  For example, DO “all things happen for a reason?”  No; at least, not for a reason any of us will ever find out.  Another is to focus on the facts, or at least ESTABLISHING the facts, since most of the stuff we conflict over — aren’t facts.  They’re opinions, theories, and value judgments.  Those are the things we dispute.  The facts themselves are indisputable.

The principles of Free Speech Handbook are prone to de-escalate any conflict.  Any conflict.

In the end, peace of mind is what William Tell is selling.  And he has the tools whereby folk can find it.  Folk who want peace of mind will be drawn to me, just as patients she could treat were drawn to Olga Worrall.  Not everyone wants peace of mind, however.  Some folk want to be angry.  They will tend to be drawn, not to me, but instead to the likes of Dan Bongino.  There’s nothing I can do about that.

As I scan my Yahoo! news feed, I see many headlines about controversies that may mean little to me, but have many others in a great furor.  The biggest current forest fire revolves around “critical race theory” (CRT); followed by Ron DeSantis’ efforts to make COVID the basis of his 2024 Presidential campaign.  If I can help people just calm down — that may be a service.

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