Podcast – Choices facing Mildew

Choices facing Mildew

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Music:  Nina Simone, “I wish I knew how it would feel to be free”


It’s The William Tell Show.  I call myself William Tell; you can call me Bill.  Thank you for including me in your world.  The MyPillow guy says President Donald Trump will be reinstated this month.  That’s something we can surely look forward to.

Back in the day, I felt that I could not think or speak openly about William Tell.  I had to come up with a code name — a code name for my stage name.  Based on the fictional detective Philip Marlowe, I decided to call Tell Philip Mildew.  And so I often use that name when I think or speak of Mildew.

I have spoken in previous podcasts and blog posts, about my ambivalence about what direction I should take in the radio show.  The way I originally conceived the show, seemed inconsistent with the state I call Peace of Mind.  Selling Peace of Mind is what I actually mean to be about on the show; it’s a state of mind I want to be in at all times while I’m on the air; but I have not yet established Peace of Mind as a chronic state in my own life.  I decided to seek to make Peace of Mind my chronic or baseline state, first, and only then, from that state, review my plans for The William Tell Show, and make decisions.

Last week, my routine trip downtown took place on Thursday the 22nd.  That morning, for a couple hours, Peace of Mind came over me, so I began thinking about what I might, do as Mildew.  I could be basically a wisdom teacher.  The show could be all about being happy and becoming happy — that’s something I really do want to do.  On the other hand, would we never discuss current events or political controversies?  Years ago, I wrote Free Speech Handbook on the assumption that the show would mainly be about current events.  I invested a lot in that book, and would be very sad to lose that investment.

If we do get into controversies, I need to figure out how to handle a caller like John Duffy.

On FaceBook, John Duffy is a friend of one of my high school classmates.  He considers himself a “patriot.”  We had some exchanges, and a few months back I wound up blocking him.  That’s something I really don’t want to do on the radio show; I’m supposed to welcome all points of view.  But on FaceBook I have no power over the exchanges; whereas, on the show, I will always have my finger on the almighty button.

It occurred to me, to take a conversation in a direction he would never anticipate.  He regards liberals as enemies of the Constitution.  I could ask him whether they are HIS enemies; does he NEED to have enemies; where the need to have enemies COMES FROM.

Does he hate his enemies?  Does he need to hate them?  Where does that hate, or that need to hate, come from?

For I, for myself, acknowledge no enemies.  There may be people who mean me harm; but I don’t call myself having any enemies.  I seek to love people all the same.

A Nina Simone song came into my mind:
“I wish I knew how it would feel to be free.
I wish I could break all these chains binding me.”
That song stayed in my mind all day.

I have a tremendous feeling of freedom, in being free to love all people.  To have people I hate, would certainly leave me feeling blocked, chained in.

Let’s take a break.

[Commercial break]

When I arrived downtown, sitting on the sidewalk by the courthouse, across from Dunkin’ Donuts, my thinking changed.  Imagining a conversation like this with John Duffy — Am I seeking to have a prefabricated answer ready for any time a caller talks a certain way?  To have my defenses ready?  That’s a way of seeking control over the situation.

Am I man enough — man enough — to let myself be vulnerable?  To take the shots as they come?  In response to these questions, I felt this warming of my solar plexus.  Yes, I can be man enough.  Now, this whole conversation with myself took place in the context of my having Peace of Mind.  And now, for the first time ever, I saw that courage can be a part of Peace of Mind.

Today’s music is that song by Nina Simone, “I wish I knew how it would feel to be free.”

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