Change your diet, chapter 4

Bright and early, first thing in the morning,
do you seek out memes that insult your enemies?

Apparently, some of my FaceBook Friends do.

These memes never appeared in my news feed prior to February 2019.

I don’t know how they find them.  Do their Friends share them, sending them into my Friends’ news feeds?  Are they “Suggested for you,” like the pictures I share of waterfalls, birds and insects, and the cute animal videos I share?  Do my Friends follow certain pages, or go around checking pages they know have such content?

Your diet of ideas winds up altering the ways you think.

One semester in college, I was taking two courses at the same time, Shakespeare and Milton.  Both of these authors wrote completely in blank verse — and I wound up reading that material for about four hours each day.  After a couple months, I found that I was thinking and speaking in blank verse.  I specifically tried to compose some poems in other forms, but on analysis they all proved to be blank verse also.

The first decision I made, based on this information, was to stop reading the works of St. Paul.  At the time, and for decades after, I was spending half an hour every day in personal Bible study.  And I didn’t want to wind up thinking and speaking like Paul.  He commonly used certain thought forms I don’t like, especially these elaborate dichotomies — “not this, but this” — that I didn’t always think were necessarily valid.

Even the headlines in my Yahoo! news feed, if they happen to be a certain way, would wind up changing my perspective or feeling some sort of way.  I have no doubt posted before, here and/or on Facebook, screen shots: five headlines in a row about racism, or three out of five about AOC.

One’s news feed itself may be full of toxic, emotional filth.  I have remarked before, that some folk, in effect, choose to swim in filth.

You don’t have to be that way.  Choose what goes into your mind — and then it may be that better things will come out.

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