Epstein and the Clintons

They’re not blaming her for Epstein.
They blame her for their aches and pains.

Recently, billionaire Jeff Epstein was in jail awaiting trial on charges of child molesting.  He had had many, many associations with the high and mighty, including both current President Trump and former President Clinton.  He was found dead in his cell, apparently having hung himself with a bed sheet.  Many people in jail commit suicide that way, e.g. Sandra Bland.  Conspiracy theories swarmed, however, insisting that he had instead been murdered by agents of former First Lady, former Secretary of State and former Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton.  Even Trump himself tweeted with the hashtag, #ClintonBodyCount.

For the past 3+ weeks, I’ve had a sinus infection, featuring headaches sometimes so severe I’m just beside myself in pain.

One can compare my story with kidney stones, told here: The healing powers of a drug store cashier.

I have enough self-awareness to accept that this is just What Is; I am to just go through it.  There is no point in complaining, in whining “Why me?”, or being angry at God.  No more point than in being angry at a traffic jam or thunderstorm.  It is merely What Is.

Nonetheless, the physical pain sometimes translates into emotional pain; sometimes the emotional pain is what I feel instead of the headaches themselves.  I become irritable, angry, and, especially, impatient.

So it becomes convenient to search the cosmos for some basis for my anger — rather than face the “legitimate suffering” of the headache itself.

I could, for example, hate Jews, or Trump, or Hilary Clinton.

In short, there’s a lot of physical pain out there, all across the country — people in pain as I’ve been, people in pain from other physical ailments.  And there’s also a lot of pain that isn’t physical: friction with one’s spouse, job loss, money worries, fractious neighbors, having to rub elbows with people one detests (“deplorables”).

Sh*t, why not just blame her for it all?

And that’s what many people do.  Blame her, or him, or Jews, or “Commies,” or “Deplorables …”

Face your pain.  Accept it.  Be at peace with it.

And at peace with yourself.






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