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Why women are far more likely to vote then menEverything you missed from Matthew Sandusky’s interview with Oprah WinfreyLimousine liberals

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Why women are far more likely to vote then men

What interests me here is Catherine Rampell’s demonstration that the Republican party took a sharp right turn with the 1980 nomination of Ronald Reagan.

My interpretation has been that the conservative movement that won that election had been growing for thirty years, principally in reaction to Roe v. Wade.

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Everything you missed from Matthew Sandusky’s interview with Oprah Winfrey

I had not known before of the allegation that Jerry Sandusky had molested his own, adopted son; nor of Oprah’s own survival of child sexual abuse.

Dottie Sandusky’s posture has puzzled me from the very beginning. That all six children were adopted may raise the question of whether possibly the marriage itself was sexually dysfunctional. In the United States, the classic scenario of incest begins with a woman who abdicates from her roles as spouse and parent (N.B., “and parent”). Something like that may have happened here, except that I suspect that even before they married, the partners knew well what was to come.

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Limousine liberalism’s good works

A rare survey of 1 percenters found that nearly two-thirds believe “differences in income in America are too large,” according to research by Benjamin I. Page, Larry M. Bartels and Jason Seawright. That’s almost identical to the share of the general population that espouses this view.

The Tea Party doesn’t speak for these people.

(Originally posted 08/11/14.)

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