Writer’s block

This one gets a little “out there.”

I have just scheduled the post short-titled “Move” for 01/26/19.  (The link won’t work until that date.)  This has been the front-and-center, only thing on my plate for ten days, and I’ve written practically none of it.  I’ve been unable to get myself to write anything else, either.

I’ve come to see that the block consists of fear that I’ll become happier than I am now.

Of course, that makes no rational sense.  But it’s a fear of the unknown; of a world that will be new and strange.  My worldview will change; I’ve already seen it change even in the past few weeks, and if I grow happier, it will change more.  (Pause.)  And I’ll be carried even farther away from the mainstream than I am now.

I need to appreciate this block to upward mobility.  It’s the same as moved black activists, following the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act, to react against the prospects of prosperity, and to redirect the movement so as to assure the black condition in America will never change.

There is a pertinent chapter in M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled, “Resistance to Grace.”

I already known, and have long known, some features of this new world.  As regards spiritual healing and intercession, my “composition” will change, making me more effective in prayer.  I will have more frequent and more vivid occasions of clairvoyance.

I am enigmatically resistant to seeking greater happiness for its own sake.  There is the mandate of my vocation, that I work toward these goals so as to be better able to love and serve others.

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