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African issuesSupreme Court prayer decision

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Kerry pledges $30 million in aid for Congo elections

Researching my response to this headline, I read the Wikipedia articles on “Democratic Republic of Congo” and “Zaire,” and didn’t feel myself informed. Then I read the article on “Mobutu Sese Seko”, and my world turned upside down. I’m speechless. Read it.

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Supreme Court decision allows Carroll Co. commissioners to pray

I’m not as concerned about the Carroll County commissioners as I am about what the Supreme Court has done here. I will need to read more about the decision when I have time; the article is to be faulted for not naming the case. In short, this impresses me as a very bad decision. A feature many Americans might learn from here: the “dissent.” Four of the Justices disagreed with the majority, and said so, in writing, and were free to publish that “dissent,” even though the majority’s decision became law. We have the right, in this country, to dissent, even though dissenters’ opinions may not become law.

George Will:  Thin skins and legislative prayer

Will completely mistakes the issue.  The issue was never prayer itself, but, rather, sectarianism.

(Originally posted 06/02/14.)

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