Why I believe in astrology

I came to belief in astrology by a very strange route.


Sometime between 1985 and 1995, I became aware that, for years, roughly once a month I had faced a personal crisis; and some of these were pretty severe.

  • I had a “permanent” job as a legal secretary.  A lawyer from a different department happened by my desk and noticed a document to be filed in court.  She did not like the formatting, and went ballistic.  She screamed at the attorney I was working for, “You’ll be laughed out of court!”  Now, we had filed hundreds of like documents without a problem.
  • A co-worker zapped out because I opened a can of coffee creamer with my fingers rather than a spoon.  This ended a temporary assignment.  I’d been there nine months.
  • At a different temporary assignment, a co-worker joked with me and teased me constantly for weeks.  It was all in good fun.  One day she cleaned off her desk and asked for my opinion.  “A clean desk,” I quipped, “means someone doesn’t have enough work to do.”  The results of that remark were devastating.

I began to try to figure out what was causing this.  The exact dates were available from my diary.  I looked at every factor I could think of.  Since it did occur roughly once a month — By analogy to PMS, I took to calling this my “monthly.” — the full moon was an obvious suspect, given the legends about “lunatics,” the extreme tides on that date and the fact that the human body is 90% water.  But this didn’t fit.  A full moon occurs once every 28½ days, and this did not match my cycle.

The one and only factor that did seem to fit was the moon’s position in the Zodiac.  The moon returns to the same position in the Zodiac, passing through all twelve signs, once every 27⅔ days.  It takes an average of 2⅓ days to pass through each sign.

Inevitably, at some point in that cycle, the moon will be “opposite” one’s natal sun — the sun’s position at the time of one’s birth.  The daily horoscopes generally don’t warn about it, but this is likely to be one’s “bad luck day” for that month.


Ca. 1995, for Christmas my youngest brother gave me a copy of my natal chart (one’s horoscope as of the moment of one’s birth), with computer-generated analysis.  This was highly informative.  A cluster of planets in the Ninth House (for me, Leo) indicate a person deeply interested in spirituality, who could prosper in any of various fields, including teaching, real estate and law.  By 1995 I had already taught school for five years and worked for ten years in a real estate law firm.  As of this writing, the latter was the time of greatest prosperity thus far in this life.

Although it indicated a talented writer, it indicated this person would have difficulty publishing anything.  It even said I should not invest in any publishing enterprise, as any in which I did invest were sure to fail.  This pertains to the presence of Saturn in the Ascendant (for me, Scorpio).  It also said this gave me a gloomy, “brooding disposition,” which I would have to overcome in order to flourish.  I note that Saturn is associated with the metal lead — In some languages, “saturn” means “lead.” — which is the stuff of which movable type, formerly used in printing, was composed.  One can also consider what sort of personality the metal lead suggests.


My “monthly” and the “saturnine” influence each played a role in my becoming homeless.

As to my “monthly,” over time I saw that at this time, I am prone to become emotionally unstable, engage in loose talk, use poor judgment, and overreact.  I learned to recognize the onset of the emotional instability, and know that for the next few days I’d need to lay low, watch my mouth, hold off on important decisions and not take anything too seriously.

As to the saturnine tendencies, I am learning teaching myself now to recognize their onset, and at those times intentionally become more — jovial.

Infantile people want to believe that all events are destined, carved in stone.  Astrology teaches the exact opposite:  by activity of free will, one has created the patterns that one meets, and by activity of free will one is entitled to navigate or change them.  No one is entitled to play victim.

———— ♦ ————

Thursday, April 10, 2014. Details about my immediate situation may appear in later posts. Jeraldine Saunders writes the “Omarr Horoscopes,” and has been exceptionally accurate as to my situation the past two days.

For April 9:

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Get organized and get over it. Rather than crying over spilt milk, focus on a “to do” list for future accomplishment and do some strategic planning. You might not be able to count on a friend who promises to help.

For April 10:

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Keep things on the up and up. Steer clear of the gray areas and avoid initiating any new responsibilities. Emphasize spiritual rather than material values when dealing with loved ones and business associates.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): A hard-hearted “every man for himself” or “dog eat dog” attitude could spoil good vibes. Clarify the details by picking up the phone or walking down the hall to touch base. Be more of a people person today.

(Originally posted 03/22/14.)

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