“‘Implicit Bias’ Is Very Real and It Infects Every One of Us”

Two different approaches to white racism

‘Implicit Bias’ Is Very Real and It Infects Every One of Us

At first, I meant this post to consist of that link to that article — period.  But on reflection, the article moves me to change the way I’ve meant to do some things on The William Tell Show.  Sally Kohn relates some truly horrific historical facts, but finally humanizes the reader, saying, in essence, “It’s OK to be human.”

Robin DiAngelo took a different approach.  Now, I am about to violate, myself, Free Speech Handbook Guideline No. 3, “Avoid characterizing” or labeling.  The piece linked to here below is shrill, strident, hostile, antagonistic, reactionary; prone to evoke defensiveness; prone to evoke “white fragility” (a term, as it happens, the author invented).  It dehumanizes the reader, saying, in essence, “It’s not OK to be white.”

So she continues the tyrannical, dogmatic political correctness that (1) prevailed from 2014 to 2016 and (2) is principally to blame for the election of Donald Trump, the single most unfit person ever to become President.

No, I Won’t Stop Saying “White Supremacy”

One can compare and contrast the two.

Related:  Research says there are ways to reduce racial bias. Calling people racist isn’t one of them.

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