Keep the X in Xmas

The reason for the seasonAffordable housing issues

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October 20, 2015

Note that date.

Two days ago, I saw my first Xmas-themed commercial, for Hershey’s Kisses. Showed all these kisses moving in rhythm to handbells playing, “We wish you a merry Xmas.”

Last night, I saw my second, for Rent-A-Center.

To be sure, the reason for the season includes the letters “C,” “H,” and “S.” The word is “CASH.”

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Should affordable housing have ‘conduct’ rules for tenants?

From 2006 to 2010, I lived in Barclay and served as the “super,” or resident caretaker, of a rooming house. On one occasion, I e-mailed the landlady about two certain tenants: “_____ and _____ have to go. They’re slum-dwellers.”

Some people will make a slum of anywhere they live.

Actually, a lot of people do that.

Emily Badger recently demonstrated why affordable housing just isn’t do-able in the private sector, given the raw numbers:  The basic reason why there just isn’t enough decent housing for the poor.  I dream that someday that may change.

It won’t so long as people, renters or not, vandalize the very homes in which they live.

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Follow-up:  10/21/16:  All landlords have conduct rules, not just for subsidized renters

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