Job search diary 10/27/16

I continue to try to hook up with H____, the manager of the CVS – Penn North, by phone.  This one prospect has been the sole focus of my attention, heart and mind.  If there is no progress by Friday morning, I will resume exploring other options; foremost, the new Save-A-Lot soon to open just 100 yards from my church.

It’s time to review my situation and goals.

Leaving the shelter is not an immediate goal.  This place is so nice, it’s difficult to want to leave there, despite the various obstacles it poses.

Rather, the immediate goal is to stop asking people for money.  I want to pay my own rent and spend my own money, that I’ve earned, on incidentals — bus fare, coffee, candy, smokes.  Earned income.

I don’t need much.  If I earn $60 per week, I will be self-supporting.  If I earn $100 per week, I will be in very good shape.

The principal obstacle to finding any job whatsoever is the extreme restrictions on my availability, so long as I stay at the shelter.  If I stay at the shelter, I am only available to work 6 am to 2 pm.

A different housing option has become available that would enable me to work any hours whatsoever.  I would stay in this place rent-free for four weeks, but have to tend to my own needs as regards food and clothing.

The limitation:  it’s pointless to go that route if, after four weeks, I’m only destined to return to the mission.  I would need instead to be destined to get my own place, meaning I’d be earning $300 or more per week.  All of the retailers I’ve visited so far have indicated that that’s unlikely for a new hire.

Someone has suggested I broaden my search to include other market sectors.  I may do that.

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