DOJ organizes riots?

DOJ organizes riots?Russian rocket downed Malaysian airlinerThe preschool-to-prison pipelineEat, Pray, Love?

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SEND ‘EM BACK: DOJ Sends Same Unit to Charlotte That Helped Ferguson, Baltimore Rioters Organize

This epitomizes the sort of piece William Tell would love to confront.

The article fails to include a single allegation of fact connecting the Department of Justice with the perpetrators of riots in Ferguson or Baltimore.

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Inquiry says MH17 shot down by missile brought into Ukraine from Russia

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Bias Isn’t Just A Police Problem, It’s A Preschool Problem

The big, fat loudmouth at the mission didn’t want to watch Olympics men’s volleyball. “Ain’t nary a n____ on the court,” he complained. When the coverage switched to basketball, he was happy. “Now we got a team full of n_____s!”

I have been very skeptical of reports of what now may be called the “preschool-to-prison pipeline.”

On the one hand, the research reported here — which provides in effect an X-ray of the situation from a number of different directions — suggests that the “pipeline” may well begin in preschool. It found that teachers, apparently regardless of color, consistently expected misconduct from black boys more than from white boys, black girls or white girls.

On the other hand, it finds some rather disappointing effects as to empathy. Teachers of either color were more tolerant of rambunctious conduct on the part of children of their own race, than of children of the other color.

So, likewise, my neighbor quoted at the outset just plain didn’t want to watch athletes of a different color.

I don’t know how we’re going to eliminate implicit bias, if it can be eliminated at all. I have no doubt it will take many years to do so. An immediate policy possibility, however, is to begin screening applicants for police — or preschool teachers, either — for implicit bias, and eliminate those candidates who clearly have a problem.

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Elizabeth Gilbert Opens Up About Leaving Her Husband for Her Best Friend

Her name was unknown to me until this news item. We are, puzzlingly, polar opposites. The Wikipedia article portrays her life as basically one publishing success after another, whereas in the conventional press I have only one credit, from circa 1980. As for her wildly successful Eat, Pray, Love, I puzzle how much she can actually have learned, since her travels were financed by a $200,000 publisher’s advance. She is in and out of marriages like Margaret Mead, and her approach to sexual relationships is practically predatory (link).

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