Job search diary 09/21/16 – 10/04/16

THURSDAY 2016-09-22
Using the more advanced terminal at church, was able to complete the Virtual Job Tryout. So now I have six complete, active applications in at CVS!

WEDNESDAY 2016-09-28
E-mail from my contact person: (1) Says I scored well on the VJT; (2) Asks if I have any preferences as to which sites to work at. Replied.
CALL BACK. Voice mail from E____ at the McHenry Row (Whetstone St.) store asking if I’m still interested in a Cashier position. Checked bus routes, and they look more favorable now than they did the last time I checked. Mean to return call Thursday.
FRIDAY 2016-09-30
CALL BACK. Voice mail from R___ at 400 E. Pratt St. wanting to schedule an interview. I will need to call him back Saturday.
SATURDAY 2016-10-01
400 E. Pratt St. — Returned call to R___. Set interview for 10:00 Friday 10/07/16.
101 N. Wolfe St. (the ideal, preferred location) — CALL BACK. VM overnight from P_____. Returned call. Set interview for 10:00 Monday 10/03/16.
Issues at the shelter
I got turned away tonight for the first time this month. I was turned away five times last month.
I left church 13:52, which normally would mean I arrived 14:22. The lock was on the gate, and the peacekeepers said they’d opened early because of the rain.
Other things that face homeless people: Without going into detail, around 13:00 it became urgent that I change my trousers a.s.a.p. This will not be feasible tonight, since I got turned away; I’ll have to try my best to wash them myself tonight at church.
By the same token, I want to wear a polo shirt to Monday’s interview. What I have now is a white t-shirt, albeit brand new. If I’m turned away from the shelter Sunday, I won’t be able to obtain the desired shirt.
It’s not necessarily meant to be this way, but current policies have the effect of favoring, in admission and in bunk assignments, anyone who got in the previous day. Whoever is absent on a given day, as I am today, loses that advantage as to the next day.
MONDAY 2016-10-03
CVS – 101 N. Wolfe St.
As to 10:00 interview: scheduling snafu. Will attempt to reset for later this week.
TUESDAY 2016-10-04
101 N. Wolfe St. – Voice mail from P____ seeking to reschedule interview.
934 N. Charles St. – Voice mail from J____ seeking to schedule interview.
I will not be able to return those calls until tomorrow.

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