Take things in stride

16:03 Thursday 2016-09-08

A case on point.

Today as I walked toward the shelter, I contemplated that I am likely to have no smokes during the day tomorrow. How will I handle this; how will I feel about it? Factors:

• How important is it, compared to other things I may attend to?
• Can I take things in stride?
• (There was a third one, that escapes me just now.)

Then I arrived at the shelter. It was 15:25, and the gate was locked. In the end, I got turned away.

For the second time in two days.

As I walked away, what was on my mind?

Next steps in the job search.

Being turned away, even for the second straight day, had left me completely unfazed.

My focus was on what I can do,

as opposed to anything I cannot change.

My focus was on where I have power  — managing my own conduct — rather than where I am powerless.

My focus was on right now.   Now, in the 90 minutes that I stayed at church after I “should” have left in order to get into the mission, what had I done?  I was at the Target website completing an application.  Was that a “wrong” thing to have done?  Was it contrary to “God’s plan?”  Engaging in job search?

Those questions are immaterial; the past is past.  I need to deal with right now.

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