Attack of the white people

Pinky’s dead.Hiring panhandlers in AlbuquerqueWhat’s killing the honeybees?Coping without AC

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Florida dad fatally injures ‘Pinky’ the dancing flamingo
Famed flamingo Pinky dead in Florida after man attacks it

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How Albuquerque Is Taking ‘Will Work For Food’ Literally

I like that workers are first given “an urban beautification project — usually doing trash pickup or weed clearing.” There is no end of need for such workers in Baltimore. But it needs to be day after day, and it’s not. Ultimately funding issues come up.

I have little confidence in “workforce development” programs.

“A stigma surrounds panhandling that assumes that the homeless are addicted to drugs or lazy, but that’s not the case, Tillerson says.” First, it’s a mistake to equate homelessness and panhandling. Second, it’s pointless to deny that some of these people are, for example, addicts. The question is rather whether one is willing to deal with the person as she or he is — at his or her own place to begin.

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An 18-year study of bees finally sheds light on something that may be wiping them out

The headline can be construed as misleading. What the study did appear to find is that a class of pesticides — neonicotinoids — that had been suspected as the major culprit, may account for only 20% of the population decline.

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No AC? No problem. How to keep cool this summer without a big electric bill

The article goes into a lot of detail about some things not very applicable or practicable for urban Baltimoreans; but many of the basics still apply.

Door with transom window

Many homes built before the 1950s still have transoms, a window between rooms located right above the door. These were important for cross-ventilation between rooms and through-ventilation of the home. Anyone whose home still has them would do well to make them usable, and use them.

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