Job search diary 08/17/16 – 09/07/16

FRIDAY 2016-08-19
Under Armour
Attempted to call back the person who called me, but apparently went into someone else’s voice mail. Left message. Called back and left message at what appears to be the general HR voice mail.

Second Chance
Checked bus routes. Called. They are to call me back if we can set up an interview.
THURSDAY 2016-08-25
Second Chance
Per recent phone conversation, they’d misplaced my application and resume. Re-e-mailed today.
FRIDAY 2016-08-26
Reviewed records to strategize next steps. Unsubscribed from Target job alert as (1) I can only access Target from the library and (2) the listings in those e-mails never correspond to what I find at the site. May as well give up on CVS, as their application process requires a computer system the likes of which I’ll never have access to. Plotted known dates to need to re-apply various places.
Second Chance
Called B___ to confirm receipt of e-mail. Left voice mail.
WEDNESDAY 2016-08-31
A GoFundMe donor advises he has intervened with top brass at CVS so that I may go through the application process without the computer systems obstacles. At this writing (14:00) he advises that they asked for, and he gave them, my phone number.
THURSDAY 2016-09-01
Replacing IDs
Went to MVA and obtained new photo ID.
Received a call from them, but could not converse given problems with my T-Mobile reception (This has been going on for several days.). Contacted the GoFundMe donor, and we’re ISO other ways to communicate.
MONDAY 2016-09-05
The donor provided his contact’s e-address. I sent that person an e-mail and a copy of my resume.
TUESDAY 2016-09-06
Received e-mail from the contact at CVS, asking specifically what problems I have encountered.
WEDNESDAY 2016-09-07
Replied to the CVS person, detailing the problems I’ve encountered. However, it occurred to me overnight that someone else at church may have a terminal with adequate resources. I will begin discussing that with them.

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