Police officers arrested in brutality case

ArrestsTwitter bans MiloPersecuting Pistorius

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State troopers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts charged with assault

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Twitter Bans Milo Yiannopoulos for Leading Abuse Campaign Against Actress

Twitter ‘Permanently Banned’ Milo Yiannopoulos After Leslie Jones Reported Abuse

I have not found any text in which Yiannopoulos named Leslie Jones as a target for his minions’ harassment.  (They are known as “Gamergaters.”)  He claims that Twitter has effectively censored him for being a conservative.  The fact is they banned him instead for engaging in personal abuse.

The harassers’ tactics included concocting forged screen shots of offensive content doctored to appear as if Leslie Jones had posted it.

Ideology always lies.

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Prosecutors appeal ‘shockingly lenient’ Pistorius sentence

I may edit this post to add earlier headlines about Oscar Pistorius. It appears to me South African prosecutors are determined mercilessly to persecute this man, possibly based on his fame and appearance, much as Italian prosecutors persecuted Amanda Knox.

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