Job search diary 07/27/16 – 08/02/16

MONDAY 2016-08-01
Replacing IDs
(1) Replace birth certificate
(2) Replace social security card
(3) Renew state photo ID (Deadline 08/30/16.)

(1) Went online to hometown (out of state) vital records place, filled out the easy online form, paid $22 using Pastor’s credit card (He flat out gave it to me.), and am having it mailed to Pastor’s residence.
THIS MEANS: Once that arrives, (a) I will have adequate ID to show any employer for the rest of the month of August; (b) I will be able to get the social security card and renew state photo ID, since it turns out both of those tasks require it.
(2) Tried to take care of this online. Cannot. I must show up in person with birth certificate and proof of mailing address.
(3) The notice I received from them says I MUST do this online. Pastor had equipped me with his credit card, intending that I use it for this $24 charge. Once I filled out the information, I got this: “We are unable to verify your MD residential address on record. Please visit an MVA Office to proceed with this transaction.” I mean to phone them Tuesday and try to straighten this out. Otherwise I will have to appear in person, with the birth certificate, proof of mailing address, and $24.
On the one hand, this makes no sense to me. Nothing in the information I entered online could point to a discrepancy. And they have my correct mailing address, same as appears on the card; the renewal notice itself was sent there.
On the other hand, they may have a database of every residential address in Maryland, and my mailing address won’t be in there. It’s not a residence; it’s a soup kitchen. In that case, this is a special impediment that only affects homeless people.

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