* Names with issues; Issues with names

Names in the newsMarkese Reese, Marqua Wilson

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Names in the news

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Jamarkus Smith
Kenzley Olson
Tieray D. Jones
Tykeisha Seals
Meechaiel Criner (Subsequent headlines)
Ryon Travis
Craigory Burch, Jr. and his seven murderers
Arnesha Bowers, Adonay Dixon, Raeshawn Rivers (1) (2)
Jabria Phillips
Daishawn Rogers
Blaze Lavan Jerome Hollingsworth
Trinitie Burns, Diquan Burns
Nailah Franklin (1) (2)
Katerra Marsha Lewis, Kelci Lewis
Keon Bailey
Raashanai Coley
Kharron Nathan Green
Banita Jacks
Manige Osowski likes to be in the news. (1) (2)
Jenelle Evans
Marctarius K. Grace – He gots nice tats, too.
Cipisirono Cole
Trentavious White
Dynel Lane
Nakeydran Williams
Jamala Dontau Monroe, Kwain Zicole Monroe
Vahtiece Alfonzo Kirkman
Arlinda Craft
Martaevious Santiago
Lovily Johnson
Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier
Ashaunti Butler and Laniya Miller
Tahirah Phillips
Tralaisha Campbell
Shanna Gossett
Ji’Aire Lee, Romechia Simms, Vontasha Simms
Quintonio LeGrier
Shaniya Davis
Lonna Lauramore Barton
Meiko Devaughn and three others
Aaman Perez
Montrelle Braxton
Keishanna Thomas, Janiya Thomas
Aavielle Wakefield
Euric Cain
Taki Kentae Lewis
Iquise Taylor
Adacia Chambers
Trae Chatmon
Thaishaun Hunter and Dionte Hunter
Samone Sturgis and Daquan Rose
Monisha Parker
Demajhay Bell and nine others
Krishay Mouzon
Shaylyn Ammerman
Ashaunti Butler and Laniya Miller
Kimani Johnson
Cherish Perrywinkle
Zymere Perkins, Rysheim Smith
Dwan Wakefield

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This one deserves special attention.

Cops: Mother of 8 killed by ex after fight over diaper money

I can’t count the mistakes this person made.

This man fathered one of her eight kids.  She had already got a protective order against him, and he violated it in an incident involving stabbing her with a barbecue fork.  Thirteen months later, he shows up with money and reefer.   She lets him in and lets him spend the night, presumably in her bed.

Oh, and he’s got a gun.

Now she’s dead, and eight children have no mother.

Point 1:  Don’t make babies outside marriage.  If you don’t want the child enough to get married, you don’t want the child enough.

Point 2:  She let trouble in the door.  Literally.

Don’t open your door to trouble.

Don’t let trouble in the door.

Reblogged 2023-07-20.

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