o Now you can donate!

I have just launched a Go Fund Me, and put a link to it in the menu bar here above.

This one:


At the risk of engaging in TMI:

About two years ago, I cashed in all my life insurance policies, and I’ve been living on those proceeds ever since.  They are now exhausted … and I am going to need support beginning in the next few days.

Those cash resources were put into a bank account, $300 in savings and the rest in checking.  Sunday about ten days ago, the checking balance fell to $39 and change, so I transferred $100 into checking from savings.  Sunday three days ago, the checking balance was again $39 and change, so I transferred another $100.  I will not be able to do this again, since with the savings balance below minimum, I am incurring fees.

I am clearly spending almost exactly $100/week.

My needs will change some once I find transitional housing.  Rent there is not likely to be $3/day, as at the shelter.  I will update the Go Fund Me page with that information when it becomes available.  My needs will change again once I find a part-time or full-time job adequate to meet my basic needs; at that time, I’ll suspend the Go Fund Me campaign.

I will be most grateful for whatever support you may provide.

I am also launching, today, a personal prayer list for people who may ask.  There is a link to that on the menu now, also.



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