* Child’s crude drawing nabs burglar

The spitting imageDrama queens and kings in BaltimoreIconic rioter arrested

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 11-Year-Old Girl’s Stick Figure Helps Nab Burglary Suspect

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Drama queens and kings in Baltimore

Thursday  2015-10-15

The Latest: 16 arrested at Baltimore City Hall protest
Protesters issue demands for Baltimore police ahead of commissioner’s appointment hearing

Friday 2015-10-16

Protests resume at Baltimore City Hall after 16 arrested, jailed for trespassing

Similar items in my Yahoo! News feed as of 11:00 today:
“Baltimore activists arrested after protest at City Hall over police moves” – Washington Post
“Baltimore protesters arrested after staging a sit-in at city hall” – Mashable
“At least 12 arrested for occupying Baltimore City Hall after police commissioner appointment hearing” – Fox News

These demonstrators appear to be principally interested in getting media attention, and the media has accommodated them completely.  It’s questionable whether I should even be paying attention to them here.

Opposition to Kevin Davis’s appointment — even to the process by which it would happen, as if it ought to be a question of plebiscite — borders on the frivolous.  Their nineteen demands pertained wholly to the privileges they wanted extended toward demonstrators  — hardly anything that would address this city’s problems.

Related: Freddie Gray demonstration(s) 2015-09-10

A footnote:  My clippings file includes this from Wednesday 2015-09-02 —

Activist Kwame Rose Reportedly Arrested Outside Baltimore Courthouse During Pre-Trial Hearing in Freddie Gray Case

—  with the note, “Numerous mistakes of fact.  [I witnessed that part of the demonstration that occurred by the courthouse.] Captured in Yahoo! News feed.”

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19-year-old charged in attempted burning of a police car, other crimes during riots

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