* Guilty plea in CVS arson

Guilty plea in CVS arsonJesse Matthew charged in second murderGraphic TV child rapeCops: Couple Robs Bank, Posts Photos of Loot on Facebook

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Man charged with CVS arson during riots pleads guilty

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Jesse Matthew arraigned after 2nd murder charge

Albeit I’m interested in the case anyway, a question that has nagged me all along:  Would this be news if the women were black?

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How a Shower Scene Changed Television History

This is very disturbing.

Jim McKairnes depicts the “Family Viewing Hour” as an exercise in futility.

The Wikipedia article on Born Innocent paints a different picture. McKairnes does not mention the criminal case the film inspired. “This scene was not glossed over in promotional spots for the movie; Linda Blair’s screams as she was being attacked were aired in the promos, with the announcer intoning, ‘She was born innocent, but that was fourteen years ago!'”

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Cops: Couple Robs Bank, Posts Photos of Loot on Facebook

Small picture John Morgan and Ashley Duboe

Related: A tattoo is a permanent blemish.

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