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You can’t inherit merit.

Educated elite parents are successfully raising more capable children creating a hereditary meritocracy

I don’t know who wrote this.  My Yahoo! News feed captured the above link from Next Big Future, which seems to include an attribution to the exceptionally prolific Brian Wang.  The source article at The Economist, however (link) displays no byline.  Reading the original, one gets a wholly different impression of the author’s view, than reading the excerpt.  Whereas the excerpt would appear as a paean to the elite, the original bears the subtitle, “The children of the rich and powerful are increasingly well suited to earning wealth and power themselves. That’s a problem.”  The original, unlike the excerpt, provides documentation that the gap in educational opportunities and attainments between rich and poor is, indeed, increasing.

“America’s elite is producing children who not only get ahead, but deserve to do so: they meet the standards of meritocracy better than their peers, and are thus worthy of the status they inherit.”

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