* Psychopaths’ Brains Don’t Grasp Punishment

PsychopathsMitt Romney bows outAtheist chic

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Psychopaths’ Brains Don’t Grasp Punishment, Scans Reveal

Note the distinction between psychpathology and anti-social personality disorder.

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Mitt Romney bows out of GOP presidential race

I’m afraid we may have just lost the best Republican candidate.

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As a kid, I was bullied. But I bullied, too. Does that make me a victim or an aggressor?

Saturday 2015-01-31. Find an Outlet recently remarked, “One of my jobs entails an enormous amount of reading, usually culture, politics, food, cars—and a number of other topics, it depends. … And it’s assumed in every one of them that any even moderately conservative view is something to make fun of.”

This is a feature of both the Jeffrey Tayler and Steve Siebold pieces (mentioned here) that I am still trying to understand. Where does this need come from, to feel that one’s own views are so far superior to others’? It’s been a feature of political correctness ever since forever.

As said, I’m trying to understand the feelings. Kiley Bense’s piece, linked to here, informs me about the desire to belong to a social elite and so be able to look down on others.

Reblogged 2020-03-04.

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