Carter Scott verdicts

Carter ScottA “loser” Pope?A troll speaks at Rutgers

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Three men convicted in fatal shooting of toddler in Cherry Hill in 2013

One additional defendant, Cornell Harvey, was convicted last year.  Another, Reginald Love, is to be tried this week.

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Loser Pope takes on Donald Trump, suffers massive humiliation, slinks off to Vatican

This is a puzzling contribution for a self-styled liberal.  He presents no evidence the Pope is a “loser,” no evidence he “suffered massive humiliation,” and no evidence he “slinked off” anywhere.

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Rutger Students Melt Down After Listening to a Conservative Speaker on Campus

On-air, I could have a field day with this.

I have not yet figured out PJ Media’s orthodoxy.  We can start with the misnaming of the university in the headline.  Rick Moran does little more than present a long quotation from Breitbart.

Albeit I have no sympathy for the “delicate flowers,” time’s past for such name-calling.  I never heard of Milo Yiannopoulos before, but if Matthew Boyer, the student who brought him to Rutgers, himself calls him a “troll,” this ought to suggest this person’s speech doesn’t merit attention.

Those who do, assume the risk.

I have not found any record of anything the man actually said that anyone might find offensive.

That said, I remember college.  People that age are prone to become zealous over questions that finally don’t matter.  As I write this today, this helps inform my view of a couple bullies who recently showed up at the shelter.

Hint:  Don’t stick your hand in the blender.

Originally posted 2016-02-22.

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