Missing children

As I said in perhaps my first-ever post about missing children, “These events seem most often to occur when adults have rendered total chaos in the home.”

I may not be able to provide the conclusions to some of these stories here.  There have been several reports in October ’22 of the finding of remains of adults who disappeared decades before; and the same may prove true as to some of these children.

It’s a puzzle that these are all girls, not boys.


Summer Wells

At the time she disappeared, she was at home with her mother and maternal grandmother in their yard, and her three brothers inside the home.  She was planting flowers with the two women, and then went into the house to play with her toys.  She was never seen again.

11/02/21 — Seven chilling details in case of missing Summer Wells – from 5-year-old’s shaved hair to brothers’ removal from home | The US Sun (the-sun.com)

11/11/21 — Summer Wells: Missing girl’s aunt now revealed to have vanished | The Independent

06/15/22 — Missing Tennessee girl Summer Wells gone for full year as investigation remains stalled | Fox News

07/21/22 — Jailed Father Of Missing 6-Year-Old Tennessee Girl Writes Letter To Her Alleged Captors (yahoo.com)

Malea Janis

09/03/22 — Pennsylvania State Police looking for missing 15-year-old girl (yahoo.com)

Serenity Ann McKinney

Serenity Ann McKinney

Catherine McKinney, Dakota Hill

02/08/22 — Mom of 4-year-old missing in Kentucky since 2020 is arrested in Kansas, officials say (yahoo.com)

02/11/22 — Kentucky police seek missing 4-year-old Serenity McKinney, last seen by family a year ago (yahoo.com)

02/21/22 — Body found of 4-year-old Kentucky girl missing since 2020, mother charged with murder (msn.com)

Harmony Montgomery

In 2021, it finally dawned on a family member that they hadn’t seen her in two years.

Many of these headlines pertain to criminal charges against the father, mother or stepmother, who are all drug addicts — charges pertaining to their addictions, not to Harmony herself.  In August ’22, I quit collecting such headlines.

2022-01-03 — 7-year-old New Hampshire girl reported missing two years after she was last seen (yahoo.com)

2022-01-03 — Uncle of Missing Girl Says Family Feuded the Last Time He Saw Her Alive (msn.com)

2022-01-04 — Missing Harmony Montgomery: Adoptive parents’ push to reunite separated siblings triggered suspicions | Fox News

2022-01-05 — Dad of Missing 7-Year-Old Harmony Montgomery Admitted to ‘Bashing’ Her, Cops Say (yahoo.com)

2022-01-06 — Reward increased for missing 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery (msn.com)

2022-01-06 — Stepmom of Missing 7-Year-Old Harmony Montgomery Used Her for Welfare, Cops Say (yahoo.com)

2022-01-06 — Harmony Montgomery neighbour says family moved on Thanksgiving 2019 – the same time dad says he last saw missing child (yahoo.com)

2022-01-07 — Missing Harmony Montgomery: Deadbeat dad's mother-in-law sought restraining order over summer | WDBD FOX 40 Jackson MS Local News, Weather and Sports

2022-01-08 — Police search for Harmony Montgomery at her last home (yahoo.com)

2022-01-09 — Mother of Harmony Montgomery says she ‘never stopped’ looking for missing daughter (yahoo.com)

2022-01-10 — Email Shows Mother’s Desperate Appeal for Action in Harmony Montgomery Case (yahoo.com)

2022-01-12 — Missing Harmony Montgomery: More charges filed against stepmom | Fox News

2022-01-13 — Missing Harmony Montgomery: Mom begged mayor to save daughter from homeless, drug-abusing dad | Fox News

2022-01-16 — Many police calls, scant evidence of Harmony at Gilford Street house in 2019 (yahoo.com)

2022-01-16 — DCYF: What they knew and when they knew it (yahoo.com)

2022-01-20 — Adam Montgomery has a long history with police, drug addiction (yahoo.com)

2022-01-24 — Harmony Montgomery seen with dad, stepmom after they claimed they last saw her, police say | Fox News

2022-01-24 — Harmony Montgomery disappearance narrowed to 13-day window (yahoo.com)

2022-01-24 — Details on two cars connected to Harmony Montgomery disappearance (yahoo.com)

2022-03-23 — Girlfriend of Adam Montgomery found dead; she told cops she never knew about Harmony | Crime | unionleader.com

2022-03-23 — Father, stepmother of Harmony Montgomery formally charged with felonies | Crime | unionleader.com

2022-04-04 — Adam Montgomery charged with theft, firearms charges (yahoo.com)

2022-04-12 — Stepmom of missing NH girl Harmony Montgomery arrested on new charge tied to a firearms theft (yahoo.com)

2022-05-04 — Mass. DCF ‘failed’ case of missing NH girl Harmony Montgomery and the ‘risk’ she faced at home (yahoo.com)

2022-06-04 — Kayla Montgomery, stepmother of missing NH girl, arrested on perjury charges (yahoo.com)

2022-06-14 — Cops Swarm Former Home of Missing 8-Year-Old Harmony Montgomery’s Father (yahoo.com)

2022-06-17 — Harmony Montgomery’s mother tells Boston 25 News, ‘this is no longer a rescue mission’ (yahoo.com)

2022-06-20 — Lawyers for father of Harmony Montgomery push for release of bodycam video from assault arrest (yahoo.com)

2022-06-27 — Harmony Montgomery’s stepmom indicted by grand jury on gun charges (yahoo.com)

2022-06-28 — Father of missing Harmony Montgomery indicted on gun charges (yahoo.com)

2022-08-11 — Search for missing New Hampshire girl Harmony Montgomery is now a homicide investigation, officials say (yahoo.com)

2022-10-24 — Dad Accused of Vile Murder and Cover-Up in 5-Year Old Harmony Montgomery’s Death (yahoo.com)

2022-10-26 — Prosecutors: Kayla Montgomery identified her husband as killer of young Harmony Montgomery – Boston 25 News

2022-11-17 — Missing New Hampshire girl Harmony Montgomery’s stepmother pleads guilty, agrees to cooperate | Fox News

Oakley Carlson

Jordan Bowers, Oakley Carlson, Andrew Carlson

12/09/21 — Andrew Carlson, Jordan Bowers Arrested in Disappearance of Five-Year-Old Daughter Oakley (newsweek.com)

04/02/22 — Oakley Carlson’s foster mom warned authorities she was in danger (nypost.com)

04/08/22 — Mother of Missing Oakville Girl Faces Up to 20 Months in Prison After Accepting Plea Deal (yahoo.com)

04/22/22 — Jordan Bowers Receives Maximum Penalty for Charges Unrelated to Missing Daughter (yahoo.com)

Jakareia K. Maclin

Jakareia Maclin, Zaria Cleveland, Tammiya Washington

09/04/22 — 11-year-old Milwaukee girl missing along with two sisters, 13 and 14, police say (yahoo.com)

09/04/22 —  Police: Missing siblings found safe (spectrumnews1.com)  No details were provided.

Postscript, 04/15/23

On the one hand, for many years I had a special sensitivity to these stories, and so used to follow them.  On the other hand, Yahoo! News used to bring me such stories.  It no longer does.  Instead, it brings me stories about school board meetings; from all over the country, no matter how mundane, on the off chance there was some controversy about CRT or book bans or the firing of a progressive superintendent.

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