David Wilcock redux

Advantages of living in a fantasy world

In his most recent “disclosure,” which cost $333 to attend, David Wilcock promised to reveal a basketball-sized device that produces terawatts of power drawn from zero-point energy, the vacuum of space.  This was October 2021; to date, the thing has still not been reported in the mainstream press, nor the mainstream market, which seems odd since the inventor could certainly become a billionaire or trillionaire overnight.

At the time I was composing “A different God-concept,” it came to me to wonder what Wilcock’s followers gain from living in that fantasy world.

That post speculates that whereas, by virtue of the nitzotz, each of us has and is a portion of God’s own essence; and each of us has free will; each of us is, then, a completely free agent, but also an agent of the Most High God.

Implied is vast power as to the creation of one’s own world, and power in relationships with others.

Power spells responsibility.

And, possibly, uncertainty and risk.

One can, in effect, take a vacation from all those vagaries; even a permanent vacation; by taking up residence in a world where no more is required of one than to sit in awe and wonder at the great and magical predictions of a seer; at the power dynamics of the conflict between the Cabal and the Alliance, which have no bearing on the personal choices one makes in daily life.

And there you have it.

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