David Wilcock today

It up-ended my thinking about good and evil and Trumpism.

These days, to keep old posts from going completely stale; every day, I “recycle” an old post, scheduling it to re-appear on some future Thursday.   On 11/28/20, it came time to do this with the 02/25/15 post, “Hancock, Hannibal and Hitler,” scheduling it to re-appear on Thursday 02/18/21.

The post mentions David Wilcock.  It came to me to find out what he’s up to now.

The gentleman on the right is David Wilcock.

He has amalgamated his New Age belief with QAnon, the Deep State, and I’m not sure what else.

QAnon is a movement based on the cryptic online expressions of someone who calls himself Q — and his followers.  How much of this comes from Q himself and how much from the fantasies of his followers, I don’t know.  The belief is that (1) the global elites are a vast network of satanic, cannibal child molesters, and (2) Donald Trump is the only force that can oppose them.  (3) There is a coming “Storm,” in which he will eradicate them (root them out).

Just how much influence this movement has, I don’t know.  But two of its followers were just elected to Congress, including the incredibly gorgeous Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Wilcock now teaches that two vast secret movements control the cosmos, and are in conflict with each other.  One, the Alliance, includes all the cosmic forces of good and light, and the angels, aliens and human beings that align with them.  The other, the Cabal, includes all the cosmic forces of evil and darkness, and the angels, aliens and human beings that align with them.

On or about March 20, 2020, Wilcock published a three-hour video saying that the Alliance was about to act.  For three days in April, culminating on Good Friday, April 10, there would be a complete shutdown of the world’s electric grid, and no electronic communication — no power, no phones, no Internet, no wi-fi.  Under cover of this “darkness,” the Alliance’s human agents would reveal themselves and carry out mass arrests of the Cabal’s human agents.  Pertinent, he said elsewhere, “No one can deny there are over 24,500 sealed criminal indictments on the books right now in the US — an all-time high.”  How he came by that information is beyond me.  And one has to assume the good guys will have statutory authority to conduct these arrests, and that our courts are pristine enough — uncorrupted — to carry out trials.

Writing this on Sunday 11/29/20, I don’t know what he says now about the fact that none of those events took place.  Q likewise has gone silent since Tuesday, November 3; no indication of what’s become of the Storm.  I regret learning today that Wilcock has, in fact, been saying these things constantly for years.

It can be really exciting to entertain all those beliefs.

What does it matter to me?

It up-ended my thinking about good and evil and Trumpism.

I am in the midst of composing what may be one post, what may be several, trying to understand the 2016 Presidential election, the 2020 Presidential election, and where we need to go from here.

In the turmoil following the 2020 Presidential election, here is where we stand as of this writing.  (1) The one remaining shoe to drop, is that the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania state legislature may declare the election results in that state invalid, and appoint its own slate of pro-Trump electors to the Electoral College.  This may not happen; it may be moot, in that Biden may have enough electoral votes to win without Pennsylvania; but I anticipate that it will, as relentless as pro-Trump actors have shown themselves thus far.  Only if enough Republican legislators have the moral courage to accept the will of the people, will the pro-Trump leadership of that legislature fail.

Donald Trump tried to get the leadership of the Republican-controlled state legislature in Michigan to do the same thing, but they would not cooperate.

This is how close we’ve come, as a nation, to a coup, to dictatorship, to Naziism; in just these past three weeks.

(2) Brian Kemp, the current governor of Georgia, and Brad Raffensperger, its secretary of state, are both Republicans, both voted for Trump in the latest election, and both were endorsed by Trump the last time they ran for office.  Now he is calling them traitors.

I won’t do it, but someone could make the case that Donald Trump is himself, not the hero QAnon and Wilcock say, but instead the personification of evil.

Good and evil as cosmic forces?  If so, Wilcock and I see the polarities reversed.

So it is hard right now for me to see good or evil as a cosmic force.

Judaism has no use for any concept of a devil or Satan as is common in Christianity.  Judaism holds instead that every person has both a “good inclination,” or Yetzer HaTov, and an “evil inclination,” or Yetzer HaRa.  How a person manages those two impulses determines the goodness or evil of her or his ways.

It appears to me that Satan, or “the devil,” is nor more nor less than the projected personification of the Yetzer HaRa.  There is no evil agent “out there” tormenting us or influencing us to do bad things.  Rather, it is a question of the choices of one’s own free will, one’s own soul.

And when dozens, thousands, millions of people happen all to decide the same way; then we have a movement.

So, the nation elected Donald Trump in 2016, and very nearly elected him again in 2020.

As for Wilcock, he’s someone to ignore.

Update, 10/12/21

David Wilcock has been intensely advertising this course; it has its own website:

Six one-hour live (?  Hard for me to believe it’s going to be live, given all the preparation for it.) videos, one a week for six weeks, … OK, it says it’s a total of 20 hours.  Cost for access is $333.  Topics include aliens, zero point energy, and levitation.  I don’t see how those are related.

The best comment I’ve seen on any of these ads:


5 thoughts on “David Wilcock today

  1. how about you revise your opinions by making your own judgement about the president and his actions firsthand. I admit it’s hard to wade through all the BS that your billionaire funded media has shoved down everyone’s throat but if you look at the things he’s done through an objective lense, you can see who is pushing the pro life and anti life agenda. it’s not hard to spot if you look in the right places but I’m afraid many like you are so set in your ways that you believe everything they feed you, weather it’s opinion or fact.

    1. So, you support Trump because you think he’s anti-abortion?

      Or, was your intention not to invite conversation, but rather merely to make a summary statement about me as a person?

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