Donald Trump is the champion who will save us from the things we are afraid of.

When we refuse to believe that they do, in fact, believe what they do.

“President Trump Saves America from Hell,” by Charles Meagher

How long how many people will continue to believe this way, I have no idea.  The point is that they do, actually, believe that way; and I believe the rest of us have generally refused to believe that they do.

The title of this post was a remark I made in my diary on Monday 04/04.  That was some time before kommonsentsjane made this remark in response to “Unscheduled post: The epitome of why we don’t want Trump” (04/18):

President Trump was elected not Joe Biden. He is the only person who can save our country since the lefties have committed treason.

Plain and simple.

Perhaps the main reason for disbelief:  we are not afraid of the same things they are.  So it’s hard perhaps to believe anyone actually fears them.  A short list might include these items:

  • political correctness
  • “Mexicans”
  • Muslims
  • a socialist takeover of the nation

Now, as of 2016, I myself was in great fear that political correctness was taking over the country.  Trump vehemently opposed it, as mentioned in the post, “Appeals;” Hilary Clinton gave no indication at all that she would.  The same post notes that the term “political correctness” basically vanished from the mainstream media during Trump’s Presidency.

What they actually mean by “a socialist takeover” may be one and the same as political correctness.

The same post mentions that the fear itself pre-existed Trump; all he did was identify for people, what to fear.

So, a different perspective offers:  the difference between us and them is simply that we are not afraid.

Maybe Mildew can encourage people to be less fearful; give them reasons.

Either way, those of us whom the Trump juggernaut has flummoxed, won’t understand it unless we accept that the Trumpers do, in fact, believe the way they do.

Wrongly accused?  A William Tell dilemma

Just as Lisa Bond wrongly accused white people, it can be said that kommonsentsjane, in her remark about “treason,” has wrongly accused “the lefties,” whoever they are.

The question rises as to how I would respond if a caller were to make such a remark on the air.

If I were to merely say she was wrong, that might make listeners who agree with her feel unwelcome.  I might say, “I disagree;” I am destined to say again and again, “It’s OK to disagree.”  Then I might say, “Can we explore this?”  This asks permission, and empowers the caller, before I question her or his definition of “treason” and ask by what specific act any “lefty” has committed it.

I really have to mind my manners, if The William Tell Show is to be “a Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood for adults.”


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