Churches Could Fill Their Pews With Millennials If They Just Did This

Churches and millennialsTexas mom charged with neglecting 5 kids; 1 near deathHe spilled the beans about Benghazi.Mike Huckabee, Kim Davis, and the PopeUneasy with Planned Parenthood

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Churches Could Fill Their Pews With Millennials If They Just Did This

The author may or may not be correct. My pastor notes that the fall-off among “millennials” is a global phenomenon. It is true that Christianity’s “prophetic” voice, so prominent in the 1960’s and 1970’s, has somehow fallen silent since the rise of the Tea Party.

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Jessica Petroni

Texas mom charged with neglecting 5 kids; 1 near death

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Morning Plum: Top Republican suffers disastrous outbreak of candor about Hillary Benghazi probes


Second GOP Congressman Admits Benghazi Committee Is All About Hillary Clinton

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Huckabee Disputes Vatican, Insists Pope Met Kim Davis in Private

This is typical of things Huckabee says that result in my having no confidence in him.

He presumes to know exactly what happened between Kim Davis and the Pope.

He wasn’t there.

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Uneasiness with Planned Parenthood

On the one hand, my allegiance will tend to be with an organization that appears of late to have been subject to unjust attack.

On the other hand, Planned Parenthood always has given me this vibe I don’t particularly care for. It’s been like this ever since I first heard of it in the late 60’s or early 70’s. A coldness, a distance from intimacy, as if you’re dealing with robots instead of human beings. This may go back to Margaret Sanger. It’s so distant from what parenthood is all about, that that may account for its ineffectiveness: people are still making far too many unwanted babies. The same has also always been true of SIECUS.

Originally posted 2015-10-19.

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