I have just published 31 posts, constituting the whole text of my little book, The Way of Peace.  Each post presents one chapter.  They are so arranged that, in your inbox, the chapters appear in order from first to last, from top to bottom.  The posts/chapters will appear in that order on my Home page also.

On the one hand,

The Way of Peace (“TWOP”) needs a lot more attention than it’s had.

Sunday night February 6, I was working on “Nerves worn to a frazzle,” and searched in various places, including TWOP, for certain passages to quote.  I did not find them, but in the process got reacquainted with TWOP as a highly meritorious text.

My view stats show that visitors to this blog often read obscure posts from long ago; I don’t know how they find them.  The pages of The Way of Peace, however, available via a link on the navigation bar, have had very few views.  Now that I have a copy in the form of blog posts, it may get more views.

On the other hand,

The Way of Peace needs a lot more attention from me.

To the extent that my life is a mess right now, it’s because I have not been living according to what TWOP teaches; even though that’s the approach to life that I mean to “sell” on The William Tell Show as well as pretty much anywhere I open my mouth.  Presence; mindfulness; the strategies and tactics — I need to reacquaint myself with those teaching, and also with the centrality of Jesus.  Anything I may want, in this life or the next, is available to one who follows Jesus.

I am writing this on February 13.  The project of copying TWOP into blog posts will give me occasion to re-read the entire text, as well as fix some formatting issues.

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