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Alphabetical list of passage titles


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“Even the hairs of your head are all numbered.”
“Lord, Lord”
“Many are called, but few are chosen.”
“Weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
“Why did you fear?” and “Why did you doubt?”
“You come, too.”
“You of little faith”
“Your faith has made you well.”
A conversation with a co-worker
A laser
A prophet without honor
A tree and its fruit
A typical morning
A year without homicides
About Edgar Cayce
About Edgar Cayce’s dream
About organized religion
About prayer
About rewards
About this book
An ethic of affects as acts
An examination of the Sermon on the Mount
As to reincarnation
Awakening the will
Becoming William Tell
Between people (The inevitability of turmoil)
Bound on earth
Choose happiness
Choosing vs. wanting
Concerning almsgiving
Concerning divorce
Concerning fasting
Concerning oaths
Conclusion (Mooring oneself in What Is)
Conclusion (Sermon on the Mount)
Contemplation and “Deep Silence”
Current intrapersonal conflicts
Dealing with physical pain
Ears to hear
Edgar Cayce’s dream
Establishing world peace
Expiation of karma (About organized religion)
Faith as a mustard seed (Other Jesus sayings)
Faith as unobstructed desire
Focality: The treasure and the pearl
Forgiveness (About organized religion)
Heart and soul
Heaven and hell: Dr. George Ritchie’s near-death experience
Here and now (Jesus’ words about “the Kingdom”)
Here, Now, Can (Application)
Housing search
How it works (Serotonin and the individual)
How it works (Life with OCD)
Huey Lewis
In nature (The inevitability of turmoil)
In society (The inevitability of turmoil)
In their own time
Introduction (The Sermon on the Mount)
Jesus is not coming soon — or ever
Jesus’ words about “the Kingdom”
Justice and feedback
Karma as results (About organized religion)
Keep the feeling, change the thought
Keep the thought, change the feeling
Life with DSPS
Life with OCD
Look on the bright side
Loss of depth perception
Love for enemies
Mooring oneself in What Is
My past
Offenses must come
One day at a time
Other Jesus sayings
Overall strategy
Pearls before swine
Pluck out your eye
Present and future
Realms and vibes
Resist not evil
Sacrifice: The pearl of great price (Heart and soul)
Sales pitch
Seek and ye shall find (About Edgar Cayce’s dream)
Seek and you will find (Sermon on the Mount)
Seek first (Sermon on the Mount)
Seek peace
Sell your goods, give to the poor (Other Jesus sayings)
Serotonin and society
Serotonin and the individual
Serving two masters
Sole source
Soul farts
SSRIs completely changed my life.
Take things in stride
The “single” eye
The Beatitudes
The church garden
The common belief
The feedback or snowball effect
The fruits of the spirit
The Golden Rule
The grad student
The inevitability of turmoil
The Itch
The Jamarion Lawhorn story
The job search
The Law and the Prophets
The leaven of the Pharisees
The Light of the World
The man in the mirror
The meditation session itself …
The mustard seed
The narrow gate
The pecking order
The Pharisees thought differently
The Rapture
The rich man
The road to the Great Tribulation
The salt of the earth
The secretary
The Synoptic apocalypse
The teacher
The way of the world
The yeast
Their task
Them that’s got, gets
To whom the Kingdom belongs
Treasures in heaven (Sermon on the Mount)
Two (or more) views of the Kingdom
What it is (Serotonin and the individual)
What it means (Serotonin and the individual)
Why Jesus sought out “sinners”
Within oneself (The inevitability of turmoil)