1. About this book
2. Meditation
3. Application
4. Serotonin and the individual
5. Serotonin and society
6. Sales pitch
7. Mooring oneself in What Is
Life with OCD
Life with DSPS
8. Heart and soul
9. Put in the clutch
10. Strategies
11. Tactics
12. An examination of the Sermon on the Mount
13. Two (or more) views of the Kingdom
14. Jesus is not coming soon — or ever
15. Jesus’ words about “the Kingdom”
16. Other Jesus sayings
17. About organized religion
18. As to reincarnation
19. Sacrifice
Heaven and hell: Dr. George Ritchie’s near-death experience
About Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce’s dream
About Edgar Cayce’s dream
Alphabetical list of passage titles
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