The murder of Terron Singleton

The murder of Terron SingletonA greedy church. Really greedy.“Looking while black”The homeless get a bad rapMartin O’Malley’s gaffe

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The murder of Terron Singleton:

Wednesday 2015-07-15

Teen killed in quadruple shooting in Baltimore

“Officers first learned of the shooting after they were called to a local hospital at 1:12 a.m. when staff notified police of the four gunshot victims that had arrived on their own accord.”

16-year-old killed as city shootings continue

“Terron [was] a student at Baltimore Community High School. ”  Located at the far opposite corner of town from where he lived, this is a special school dedicated to serving “over-age” students.  At age 16, he was probably in the sixth or seventh grade. “Police suggested he might have been targeted, saying the teen had been a ‘person of interest’ they wanted to question in a previous shooting.”

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Church Sends Woman Collection Notice For Unpaid Tithes


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About “looking while black”

Stacey Patton and Brittney Cooper both advance the allegation that Freddie Gray was essentially murdered for “looking while black.”

To use words I almost never use:  It’s a lie.

I say that because both authors read, or should have read, the news stories that report what actually happened.

Thanks to a handy link that Patton provided, I found the source of this — story — to be Jonathan Capehart’s highly erroneous 2015-04-23 Washington Post piece,  ‘After making eye contact,’ Baltimore chases Ferguson.

Two of the news stories that mention the complete facts:
(1) Leaked autopsy report finds Freddie Gray suffered ‘high-energy’ injury
(2) Baltimore prosecutor asked police to target area where Freddie Gray was arrested

Before Freddie Gray ever sustained his injury, before police ever arrested him, before police found the contraband knife, they chased him.  Before they chased him, he ran.  Before he ran, he had made eye contact with one police officer, as I understand it a particular officer with whom he had a bad history.

In Sandtown-Winchester, police regard running as “probably cause.”  But for the fact he ran, Freddie Gray would still be with us today.

That because he made eye contact with police, Freddie Gray felt he had to run, only shows how effed up is the mentality of Sandtown-Winchester.  That because he ran, police felt they had to chase him, only shows how effed up is the current mentality of the police.  All that needs to change.

For the moment, however, the facts are what they are.

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Us homeless get a bad rap.

13:09 Friday 2015-07-17. I just now had to go use the bathroom. The one nearest the computer lab is locked; has been for more than an hour; for “maintenance,” meaning somebody vandalized it beyond use. Whether staff are doing their job or not is a separate question.

Such events commonly get blamed on us homeless. From my observation, however, and consistent with some of the substance of an upcoming post: the malcontents who do these things … often have their own homes. They also vandalize their own homes. This is common in places like Sandtown-Winchester and Barclay.

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Martin O’Malley’s gaffe

Monday 2015-07-20. I don’t recall that I have ever supported Martin O’Malley for any office. That’s beside the point.

He’s taking flak today for having said, “All lives matter.”

The hecklers need to come take a look at Baltimore, where, it currently appears, no lives matter.

Originally posted 2015-08-10.

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