Hannibal, Hancock and Hitler

I have chosen to keep the alliterative title for this post, though it proves mistaken.  Below appears an e-mail exchange of August 20, 2013 between Brian Williard, O.B.M., and myself.  In his original message, Brian copied, as he often did, the program summary of a segment on Coast to Coast, a nighttime radio talk show that often deals with UFOs and other strange subjects.  The “imminent blog post” referred to appears to be “The New Age is a lot of hooey.”

Leadership, Patton and Jesus
Through a glass, darkly

Brian wrote:

I don’t know if he promotes this idea, but some believe this guy is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce:

Synchronicity & Enlightenment:

On Monday’s show, using history, astrology, and synchronicity theory, author and researcher David Wilcock discussed how there is a hidden architecture played out in cycles, guiding humanity toward enlightenment and spiritual progress. History repeats in precise cycles, he said, citing as an example the accurate prediction of a French astrologer in 1961 that the revolt Joan of Arc pulled off in the 1400s would repeat as a student-lead revolution in France within a few days. This 539 year cycle may have been referenced as a parable by Jesus, when he spoke of forgiving your brother “seven times 77 times,” he continued.

Wilcock also found parallels between Roman and American history, the first Punic War to WWI, the second Punic War to WWII, Carthage to Germany, and Hannibal to Hitler. “Reality is not real. We’re in a hologram. There’s a story that’s repeating, and it keeps repeating until we master the lesson it’s teaching us,” he contended. There are also larger cycles of 720 years (1/3 the age of the Zodiac) which correspond to ancient mystery teachings, he noted.

‘End times’ are not relegated strictly to Christian prophecy but referenced in over 30 ancient cultures that all indicated that we’re heading into a golden age, but have go through a dark period first, he said. People are fulfilling a cosmic blueprint, older than time itself, which is meant to steer us into a beautiful golden age where we’ll have such things as stargate travel, antigravity technology, and ascension in which humans transform into light bodies, he proclaimed. For more, check out Wilcock’s video about his new book The Synchronicity Key.

I replied:

I’ve got some background with this.

It’s no particular surprise to me that Wilcock would appear on Coast to Coast.

He does promote the notion that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.

In short, the Cayce organization, A.R.E., does not agree.

My bottom-line evaluation is that he takes his own dreams far too seriously.

I have an imminent blog post on the concept of “end times.”  The same, I find viscerally repulsive.

Holy crap, did I find the reference for this next bit quickly.  The Battle of Zama:  I believe in reincarnation, as also did Patton.  The film accurately depicts a historical incident wherein, shortly after his arrival in North Africa, on a trip completely elsewhere, Patton exclaimed, “I smell a battlefield,” and directed his driver to leave the planned route and go specifically elsewhere.  The destination was the site of the battle mentioned, which Patton proceeded to narrate, as if he’d been there, to his traveling companions.  Specifically, he spoke as if he’d been Hannibal.

You can read the Hannibal article and decide for yourself whether that person was more like Patton or Hitler.

Originally posted 2015-02-25.

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