She actually said that?

She actually said that?“Third gender” in ThailandRecent child abuse casesMajority of public school children are now poorThe boy who didn’t come back from heavenJudge Vetoes Parents’ Baby Name

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In the waiting room at my doctor’s office, I found a copy of the May 2006 [sic] Celeb Diet & Fitness, and stole it for the sake of this quote.

There’s a feature on several celebs with upcoming weddings, and what each one is doing to fit into her wedding dress.

As her “goal,” Adrianne Curry says: “I want my butt to be perkier — the dress I’m wearing is very tight. The tighter it gets, the more it will flatten out my ass, so I need buns of steel.”

No comment.

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Thailand to recognize ‘third gender’ in new constitution: panel

However it is, the Thai population appears to include an unusually high number of hermaphrodites.

The article suggests that, nonetheless, LGBT folk are still not nearly as accepted there as in the U.S.

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Mother, Boyfriend In Jail After Child Beaten Over Last Piece Of Cheesecake
Mom, boyfriend plead not guilty in death of girl
(Horrific story involving a woman who consistently chooses violent, perverted partners.)
Missing 14-month-old’s body found in creek[*]
Baby found starved to death in Florida, parents charged with murder: police
Mom sentenced for slashing her 2 kids’ throats[*]
Prosecutor: Mother set newborn on fire on New Jersey road[*]
Cops: 6 kids found living in home with roaches, animal feces, no power[*]

The common denominator in most of these cases is that the adults in the home aren’t married.

[*]Related: Choose your name

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Judge Vetoes Parents’ Baby Name

The article is informative as to different countries’ laws concerning baby names; as far as I know, in the U.S. there are none.

Something’s wrong with this Dalton Conley person.

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Majority of U.S. public school students are in poverty

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‘Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ going back to publisher

When I went to to research this a little, I was chagrinned at how very many books there are in this genre. This is only one.

The mother doesn’t specify how the story is “unbiblical.”

This case seems to me to boil down to a dispute between the parents, who are divorced, with the mother having custody of the child-author.

Originally posted 2015-02-09.

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