Manners a cure for racism, sexism?

What conservatives get right about stopping racism and sexism7 Habits of Chronically Unhappy PeopleAbout the Keystone XL pipeline

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What conservatives get right about stopping racism and sexism

One needs to see also Rich Lowry’s article that Rosenberg links to, ‘Hey Baby, How About Some Manners?’

I’m stymied that I’ve never found conservatives so easy to agree with.

I’m not so sure that “manners” alone can have all that much effect on racism, though these pieces carry a lot of weight to the effect it can go a long way.

The makers of the Hollaback! video could have equalized the race factor by using a black female protagonist, but then I’m not sure what response it would have received. The racist among the politically correct would certainly not have been so outraged.

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7 Habits of Chronically Unhappy People

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Obama’s claim that Keystone XL crude would go ‘everywhere else’ but the United States

That the President was wrong is immaterial to me. This is the first, best summary I’ve read of what the Keystone XL project is all about.

Originally posted 2014-11-24.

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