Fox News host complains he can’t make racist comments on the air

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Fox News host complains he can’t make racist comments on the air

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In short, white people don’t have Robert Sobel’s permission to express discomfort.

If that’s not a prescription to maintain bigotry intact, I don’t know what is.

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Love and money

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Omarr’s Cancer for 2014-10-28 clearly illustrates an ambiguity that’s puzzled me for years:

CANCER (June 21-July 22): The amount of love you receive back from others will show you how well you’re doing. You might be a magnet right now for money and love, so capitalize on helpful stars and make your move while you can.

Over the years, I’ve seen that if a horoscope indicates a favorable day for romance, for example, the corresponding event often pertains instead to employment, and vice versa.  Here somehow they both appear together.  I don’t know how this works, but there must be some explanation.

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QUIZ: Is this a Ted Cruz quote or a Kanye West quote?

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Originally posted 2014-11-17.

6 thoughts on “Fox News host complains he can’t make racist comments on the air

  1. You link doesn’t work. Suggestion: Please reproduce what was said instead of forcing your readers to go to the actual site to figure out what was said. You should reproduce the quote with an embedded link so that readers have the option to investigate further (context, etc.).

    So, what was said?

      1. So, here’s the quote:

        Black neighborhoods are not safe, and it isn’t because of cops, it’s because of black teens. It’s because of black crime. So at some point, the reality hits you. If you’re running the gauntlet to get to work or to get to school, it’s not cops stopping you, it’s the people in your neighborhood.

        That statement was made by a black guest of Carlson’s. Carlson wasn’t complaining that he couldn’t make racist comments. He was stating the fact that he, as a white man, couldn’t say the same thing because he would be called a racist. That’s not at all how the writer of the piece you linked to characterized it.

        Black on black crime is a significant problem across the country, especially in places like Chicago. It isn’t racist to point out facts. When facts are racist, somebody’s clearly lost the argument.

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