Hiatus, maybe.

For the next little while, Saturday posts may be sporadic.

(1) Changes in my living situation may cut further into my Net access and the time I have available for writing.

(2) I have run out of material that can be written quickly.  The next several Saturday posts that do appear, along with the next podcast, are likely to focus on Cross theology; which was mentioned in last week’s post, “What we need.”

I launched the Thursday posts — recycling, or oldies-but-goodies — in part to keep the blog going in situations like this.  The Thursday posts will continue regardless.  I now have them scheduled through mid-November.

May 5, 2020

Something very strange is going on, involving #synchronicity or #telepathy.

Each day I copy some, one, old post and schedule it to reappear on a Thursday. Yesterday I did this with “We desperately need a war on Christmas lies,” which originally appeared in January 2015; the re-post is slated for November 2020.
That post began as an audition file: I recorded my voice speaking the text, and then typed up a transcript of what I had said.

My stats indicate that yesterday, some unknown person played THAT audio file FIVE TIMES.

See also the recent comment on the post about Anna Chapman.

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