He’s back, and he’s trying to pick fights.

Dealing with this bully,
I’m a-try a different strategy this time.

ArikM7, also known as Arikm7, reappeared at Messiah Truth on March 3, after many months away.

A post from seven years ago pretty well summarizes what he does.  It was originally titled “GAME OVER,” and I meant it to be my final word.

He was a great fan of Mordochai, and sometimes the two of them took turns attacking me.  This is notable on the “Holy Spirit” thread.  The term “Holy Spirit” exists in Jewish theology, though it does not occur in the Hebrew Bible.  Psalm 51:11 in the KJV is a mistranslation.  I asked what the term means in Judaism.  Arik and Mordochai submitted post after post accusing me of seeking to impose a Christian belief on Jews.

Another thread that quickly went very much awry:  “The Son of the Blessed.”

Perhaps his most deluded accusation was directed against not me, but the mods.  He said the only reason they haven’t banned me is that my posts draw traffic to the site — Jews seeking outrage.

Apparently he later deleted those posts.  Unknown to me until now, however, a post remains wherein he made the same accusation as to the other most prominent Christian poster, Douggg:

He presumes authority to prescribe my faith.  He claims to have left evangelical Christianity, but expects me to adhere to all the beliefs he abandoned; such as that every word of the New Testament is fact.  He flips out completely if I refer to a “historical Jesus.”

His favorite words include these:


Oh, and pimp.  He likes that word, too.

He uses them often, and almost no one else uses them on this board.  They suggest where he comes from; and one can wonder what place they have on a forum devoted to Judaism.

Shall I pray for him?  I have.  I’ve devoted extraordinary efforts in this regard; all for naught.  He’s treatment resistant.  Like an SJW or “woke” person, he fondles his pain in search of excitement.

But some other approaches may be available.

As of my last go-round with Arik, “Just the person” and “Transparency” were concepts, but not yet actually part of my religion.  “Just the person” is actually meant to solve my lifelong obsession with race, as opposed to handling bullies.

From “Some prayer exercises:”

Robert Leichtman’s description of his book, Psychic Vandalism, includes these words:

The third part [of the book] describes the methods that can be helpful in defending ourselves against all forms of psychic vandalism.  This is far more than the usual imagined shell of light or simple affirmations that others write about.  The real shell that protects us from psychic attack is made up of our strong, focused convictions, attitudes, intentions,  commitment to excellence, and attunement to higher powers.  Establishing this takes time and meticulous effort.

The shell of light has worked for me in other situations, but not this one.  It occurs to me just now to envision a shell or light surrounding the whole forum, so that trolls can only enter if they first turn off their troll-ness.

What Leichtman says about “strong, focused convictions …” could be taken as referring to integrity or centeredness.

Also as of my last go-round with Arik, centeredness had not yet become a state I could recognize and name.  In a previous post that discusses it at some length, I said this:

Centeredness.  I’m not sure what to say about this state.  It’s the word that comes to me at once to describe the way I sometimes am; I have heard others use the same word to refer, clearly, to the same thing.  When I am centered, I feel completely balanced; I am at peace with all things in the world; it seems impossible for any thing to upset me or disturb me. 

Related:  No worse for wear

Everything Leichtman said about “strong, focused convictions, attitudes, intentions,  commitment to excellence, and attunement to higher powers,” applies to this state.

This may work this time.

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