Danny keeps breaking up his phones

Danny keeps breaking up his phones

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Three thoughts on tohu (chaos) and tikkun (order)

Wednesday 2014-10-15

Danny keeps breaking up his phones. Last night he had two of them. One of them, he’d bought just that morning. He said, “The guy at the store said, ‘This is the fifth one this month.'”

Note: Thank God, these are not “Obamaphones.” He’s paying for them.

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This morbidly obese first-timer, last night, left garbage (sic) in the smoke pit, ignoring a trash can eight feet away.

The others of us waiting check-in were aghast.  I said, “A lot of people do their own homes the same way.”

This guy won’t last long.  His kind never do.  Their values are out of synch with those of this little community:  they cannot abide the notion of cleaning up after oneself, and leave on their own.


Sunday, September 28, I stood outside church on a smoke break.  The turndown e-mail from Ricoh had not yet come.  I fantasized about getting my own place, and the first things I’d need to buy.  My daydreams went to (1) towel and washcloth, and (2) clothes-hangers.  I had not dreamed about these things in many months, as they seemed far too distant from any possible reality.

So I grasp that anyone’s dreams must be within a reasonable range of being achieved.  One cannot dream otherwise.

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In the past few days, I’ve seen a possibility that events of the near future may catapult me toward possibly actually becoming William Tell; actually having my own radio show.  And I want it.  But given, for example, the various diverse themes that appear in this blog, the question comes:  What is my message, and for whom?

I wrestled with that this morning at McDonald’s.

As I stood outside Enoch Pratt waiting for it to open, a bus pulled up and all these pre-schoolers emerged, standing in a neat line.  The teacher, at the front, held her fingers to her lips, as if to say, “Be quiet,” and each little one at once held her or his finger to one’s own lips the same way.

Clearly, these children live in a world where, at least as far as that pre-school is concerned, adults keep promises.


Many people live, in contrast, in a world so chaotic that it is almost impossible to learn any sense of cause and effect — that that happened because I did this.

Many people do not feel safe in their own homes.  They need to hear someone say, “You can feel safe in your own home.  It’s not a mere dream.  You can do this.”

My chosen audience is those whose world consists of shattered dreams.

(Originally posted 2014-10-27.)

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