“Normal” life goals out of reach – for millions

“Normal” life goals out of reach – for millionsI want this job.Marketing strategies, part 5Farmers unite to combat hungerMarlene Pinnock follow-upAlex Hribal updateStranger murders father breaking up a fight

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Catherine Rampell: Many life milestones are out of millennials’ reach

I’m not one to generalize about the attributes of any age cohort or “generation,” let alone find fault with them, as Rampell here supposes many do. What I recognize here is that the challenges facing “the millenials” are much the same as face me, or any other-aged person among the poor. And millions of those who formerly might have been middle-class are likewise becoming poor.

In the current economy, expectations formerly considered normal, as to what one may accomplish in life, no longer apply: having one’s own home; having a “real” job; and more.

The one trait Rampell mentions that surprises me is marriage. I can’t fathom how poverty should be an obstacle to marriage; in the long run, I would expect instead that marriage tends to alleviate poverty. Two items in a previous post relate: Secret weapon against poverty and Marriage a “luxury good?”

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Congressman seeks ban to stop federal employees from watching porn all day

“In May, the Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general disclosed that a senior-level employee was caught spending as much as six hours of his day looking at porn. The IG found that the employee had downloaded and viewed more than 7,000 pornographic files. The Justice Department is investigating further for possible prosecution.”

I’m so jealous!

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Marketing strategies, part 5

Friday 2014-09-26. Alarmed by the amount of trash I’ve seen at HuffPost in recent weeks, I’m of a mind to start contributing my own material. I’ve found out how to do this, and merely need to keep it in mind.

Actually, from here on, I shouldn’t consider any post complete until I’ve at least considered submitting it to HuffPost.

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Trinity Growers: Ready for harvest

Someone donated 90 acres of farmland specifying only that the produce be used to combat hunger.  An astonishing coalition of community members came together to work that land and bring that goal to fruition.

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Woman hit by California officer gets $1.5 million

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Accused Pennsylvania stabber rejected by psychiatric unit: judge

Previous post: Loonies don’t need guns

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Bowie father may have been killed trying to break up fight between son and another boy

Related:  A tattoo is a permanent blemish

2014-10-03 – Deon E. Warren now in custody

(Originally posted 2014-10-13.)

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