Things come in waves

No bona fide clairvoyant known to me sells products.

Traffic on the highway comes in waves.  There will be several dozen cars moving all together, and then perhaps a half mile with practically no cars at all.  Then there’ll be another pack of several dozen cars moving all together.

In recent months there was a wave of media interest in the hardly newsworthy activities of Bella Thorne.  Almost every day saw a new headline about something she had done, usually involving lewdness.

Prior to that, for months there was a wave of media fixation on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Three or four headlines with her image would appear one after another.  I came to suspect some lewdness here, also.

The latest wave confronting me: on FaceBook, I’m being bombarded with ads for products that, the sellers say, will let me use “the law of attraction” to “manifest” anything I may desire.  The law of attraction states that sustained, focused attention to anything you may imagine, will tend to draw that thing to you in real life.  This is actually a feature of my own belief, and I have implicitly referred to it in many posts.  But I don’t believe in devices or instantaneous results.

I don’t normally like to dispute others’ beliefs, but this stuff is actually giving me nightmares.

The meme

One seller after another tells the same story.  A rapid-fire series of personal disasters left the seller despondent.  Then the seller discovered the law of attraction.  Within a few days, the seller’s problems were all solved.

The seller’s recordings begin with sounds that will propel you to the theta state.  Then subliminal suggestions will erase all negative or self-limiting thoughts from your subconscious, and rewire your brain.  As one seller says, the only work you have to do is press “play.”

They claim scientific basis for this or that.  I know of no such science.  The fact that needy people have dark auras confronts me almost every day, but there is no scientific evidence of even the existence of any aura of any kind.

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Alexander Wilson

plainly says he’s selling magic.  He has nearly a dozen websites; the sheer amount of text involved boggles my mind.  He makes outlandish claims with no substantiation.  He appeals relentlessly to greed.

Amanda Ross

claims a personal, in-the-flesh encounter with the archangel Michael.  She specifically discounts other modalities, including binaural beats and meditation.  She says evolution has hard-wired us for negativity.  She cites some scientific studies, but does not tell how she became aware of them.  She says if you use her products long enough, you’ll obtain your “Vibration Wings,” a heightened spiritual state from which you never will come down.  Her video lasts 45 minutes.

Eddie Sergey

I don’t know much about him, but he’s another.

Heather Matthews

actually promises you’ll never have to work again.

Can you buy answered prayer?

Ambrose Worrall famously said, “Every thought is a prayer.

He never suggested you buy anything.

I depart from Worrall and many other authors, including all the sellers here, in that I focus on feelings rather than thoughts.  I perceive that we create with our desires.  As far as attraction goes, the movement of the soul, there is no motion without emotion.

And emotion also motivates activity, optimally activity consistent with one’s desires or goals.  Thus in practical terms does one move toward one’s goals.

I am not a man of strong desires.  My circumstances aren’t changing, because I have little actual desire that they do.  Instead, for decades, my strongest desire has been that I change, that I be and become the most honest, loving person I possibly can.

I have every reason to believe those prayers are being answered.

The ads

Almost all the below screenshots were collected in five minutes on 12/02/19.  They don’t include all the authors I mention.  Click/tap on any image to view full size.


6 thoughts on “Things come in waves

  1. I appreciate your perspective. Too many people have no concept about what is behind these practices. Adding in unknown waves..well what certainty is discussed specifically? Here is where I believe you are correct. Alluding to feelings..your desired states you will achieve..Does not refer in any way to What you changing will it affects any relationships you do have. If you are talking “it just happens” to people you know..they do ask..what do you mean! Nit able to explain what u are doing..Does seem like you have taken some Mysterious ingredient..and have no knowledge how it will affect you. IF you dont regard yourself..where will this stuff lead you..That should be a huge that your values could be put out of context..Not applicable anymore because you Now dont fit the Common sense approach ( intuition of integrity in yourself..or others). Having gone through some Vague teachings..I knew my balance was put in jeopardy..and no one I knew could appreciate where I was coming from. Most of whom said..if it seems too good to be true..its not. False carrots..bring you to a no mans land..and you compromised your Solidness bc you Thought This snake oil is the best. Usual to get actual persons describing specifics..and not avoid the questions What occurred. I dont see much discussed about the Life changes..The stories..oh thet just let go of Limiting beliefs..?? Well what got planted in? Something they have little or no Real baseline information on..and they just Jumped in?? Sounds overly foolish..shows a kind of Self they had no patterns of success in areas of their lives. ( you are wise to note the Tones used in ads are designed to effect the mind..and that is not pointed out by the Voice saying Here s how to have all you want. I find that shows no respect for the using a charm to Lull them into compliance( they “feel” they should buy it. ). Charms are a manipulation..designed to appeal to the senses. One must warrant What are the desired objects or states ..and ascertain how those Conditions would be played out in their lives. If one got a bunch of doesn’t recognize the place they the stuff could be integrated. They could expect everyone else around is Rah rah about tossing all the old stuff out..and they now dont understand how the new stuff even works. But people will call that exciting..having no common sense. As though everything they did before was stupid..building integrity was likely not the baseline. So they are just trying on new see what happens. Attracting new people..that also are on this Vague concept highly likely to create great value clashes..and yes Emotion they do not know how to process. They’ve undone the premises of growth..and expect to be Giant beanstalks..There s gold up there! This is when the most destructive behaviours exhibit..jealousy..want..feeling they Are entitled to Have anything. Moral longer are though the principles are not needing to be carried out ..they are considered not of any use. The new Devotee will think everyone else is thinking in limited ways..and breaks though they are already established in the New Thought patterns. But they arent practicing to Include the benefit of others..and have no supporters beside them corroborating What is good. Of course..end states are what are highlighted in these Ads..which gives no real telling of how the transitioning was Very challenging..or how it caused a person to be In constant debate with anyone they knew. Knowledge of occult..meditation practices..Many have said they experienced terrifying visions..demonic..not normal energies..and were out of their minds. ( had to go to psych wards..and had no one really able to understand them). That’s from experienced practitioners. They knew they were in a worse basis of operating than before. They stopped doing the practices because life was becoming more complex..relational interchanges often Having no good qualities..just unreal imagination that shows no consideration of others. Cant say that is good..if all ones interactions are peppered with You dont understand..So..where do these New experimenters go when their life is now void of regular simple interactions..or their depth or character is now questioned by everyone they know? Who wd want to burn all ones bridges? These Quick easy schemes are Witchcraft in disguise. Will cost one more than they had bargained quality. Isnt something they should compromise when they have not talked thoroughly with apparent succeeders. Question is..will the Ones who made it be honest to say what was required? Disclaimers mean..they hold a right to not hold accountability. Makes their product lose its effectiveness..while saying All your dreams are possible. NO concern if it harms you or anyone else..Is the major point one cannot minimize. What justifying they do could mean the end of all relationships..which had value to their life. No not a good state to aim agents often hold no conscience. Is that success..far from it in these times.

  2. thank you for your honest point of view on this subject as in response to my book being promoted on my FB page. my book titled manifesting magically vs manifesting purpose, is a biblical self help read on manifesting purpose and not magically. There is too much info selling this manifesting dream and i wanted Gods view so i asked for wisdom not knowing i would be publishing my first book. I am now building my free website with wordpress to hopefully give more insight on the perspective divine army has given me. i don’t want to ever sell a pipe dream but believe strongly in what i think maybe helpful to others if they are drawn to be connected to me.
    here’s my wordpress site.
    i intent to start writing blogs also like this.
    thank you Keyz.

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