Elijah Cummings

In all candor, after the mid-terms I gained a lot of respect for Nancy Pelosi and lost a lot of respect for Elijah Cummings.In his new role as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he suddenly became outspoken about issues that seemed to me to have no point but to harass Donald Trump politically.  One such, if I recall correctly, was Trump’s tax returns.  I have always felt that no politician’s tax returns were anybody’s business.

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On the other hand, William Tell is avidly interested in shifts in public opinion — what causes such shifts — and shifts in media attention.  In the weeks immediately before Trump insulted him, Cummings got tremendous press for his fulminations about the immigrant children’s detention centers.  After Trump insulted him, Cummings suddenly fell silent — period — and the media has likewise been completely silent on that issue.


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