Exceptional horoscopes

I will collect here stories of times when my horoscopes have been exceptionally accurate.  This post may be updated from time to time.

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Saturday 2014-07-26.  There is a woman who comes into McDonald’s sometimes, who has taken a liking to me, and sometimes gives me money.  Not long after I first composed “Prayer primer,” I figured I could print out a color hard copy to give her as a present; and eventually I did so.  But for weeks, I never saw her.

I also have owed Sonny $7 for several weeks, and was praying for some gift to enable me to pay that, as otherwise I didn’t know when I’d ever be able to.  Actually, he disappeared for several weeks: he had been comparatively rich, having got a good deal of work in, before he disappeared, but he reappeared destitute.  Thursday night 2014-07-24, he pressed me for payment.

From my diary for Friday 2014-07-25:

Several days ago, I prayed with apparent effectiveness for a gift, specifically so I could pay Sonny.  [“Apparent effectiveness” is code language I use in my diary.  There are times in prayer when you will know with absolute certainty that what you seek is taking place, right then and there.  This was one such time.]  Under the circumstances I didn’t have much confidence in the perception, and so never noted it anywhere.  This morning at McD, that woman happened to come in.  I gave her the color hard copy of “Prayer primer,” and a bit later, she gave me $7 — just enough to pay Sonny.  I find today’s Omarr Leo pertinent:

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Lucky breaks are in the stars. Chance meetings could put dollars in your wallet or a smile on your face. This is a great time to meet someone new who has romantic moments in mind, or to make a major purchase.

———— ♦ ————

Friday 2014-08-22. Transcribing recent diary entries, I came across a few things.

My diary for Friday 2014-08-15 notes three chance encounters with former co-workers. Historically, this has tended to happen when the moon is “in” Taurus. I checked today and found that this was, indeed, so that day.

My diary for Monday 2014-08-18 includes this passage:

Astrology; moon in Gemini? I have two cigarettes left, corresponding to the two I bummed this morning at St. Paul Plaza before going to bus stop for church. I wouldn’t have any, had I given to the guys who asked me for smokes this morning and became resentful when I said no. I didn’t notice a pattern until the third one. This guy whom I’d never seen before said I bum one from him every time I see him, and he’s never turned me down, but now I turn him down.

Historically, encounters like that occur when, as indicated, the moon is “in” Gemini.  Alternatively, at these times I am prone to witness attempted theft, or be cheated or robbed myself.  I checked today and found that the moon was, indeed, “in” Gemini that day.

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(Originally posted 2014-09-03.)

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