Podcast – First episode

This may be a temporary post.  I had meant to release a ~5 minute episode of the podcast Tuesday, 10/01/19, and every two weeks thereafter.  Problems rose with the first episode, so that it may ultimately be discarded, but I figured to share it here as long as it’s available.

E-mail from Anchor.fm, Tuesday saying they cannot distribute the episode to the dozen-or-more platforms they usually do; because there are eight or nine aspects that might cause it to be rejected by Apple Podcasts.  It’s available as-is on two platforms:  Anchor itself, and Spotify.  I will link to one of those below.

Some of the criteria, I would have expected Anchor to lay out in its own instructions for beginners: you can’t use your own name as the name of the podcast; you can’t include anything like “Episode 00” in the title of the episode.  There may be copyright issues with my logo.  (I don’t even recall where I got it from, back ~2012, but I do recall a stipulation against commercial use, so that I knew I’d eventually have to replace it.)  I’m not going to go review all nine right now.  Some might can be fixed, some not.

I’d have to extensively re-record parts of the episode, as its current content heavily assumes that The William Tell Show is the podcast’s name.  I had meant these episodes to serve as samples of what will actually occur on The William Tell Show.  It may be most efficient in the end to just discard the current episode and go straight to the next one, “Big John.”

I’m eager for feedback!


The William Tell Show – Episode 1

Orleans, “Still the one”


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