Donald Trump isn’t helping.

From last week’s post:

Decades ago, I conceived The William Tell Show in response to the pain I heard on the airwaves in the world of talk radio. If we can cast aside all theories, opinions, beliefs, ideologies and value judgments, and attend instead merely to What Is, we may be able to begin from a state of agreement.
What Is is indisputable.

Until now, I’ve paid no attention to Trump’s tweets.  It’s clear that I could spend all my time deconstructing them according to the guidelines of Free Speech Handbook.  But this is not my only task in  life.

Two recent ones, however, caught my eye.

He points people directly away from What Is.

(1) Did Obama give $150 billion to Iran?


It’s a favorite meme of the Let’s-Hate-Obama camp, that he gave that much in U.S. taxpayers’ dollars to the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism.

But that’s not what happened.

To pressure Iran to make a deal about its nuclear program, a couple dozen Western nations froze that much of Iran’s own money, that happened to be located in those countries.  Once the deal was made, those nations un-froze Iran’s own money.  It was never an act by Obama alone, nor involving any American money.

Trump manages to cram maximum lies about the Iran nuclear agreement into a single tweet – Daily KOS
Iran nuclear deal framework – Wikipedia

(2) #ClintonBodyCount

The President re-tweeted a post with this hashtag accusing Hilary Clinton of murder.

My research into this isn’t finished.  I’ve assumed this hashtag pre-existed this post, since the belief that Hilary murders potential accusers has been around for a long time.  But there is another hashtag, #TrumpBodyCount, and I don’t know which one is a response to the other.

All known facts indicate Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide.  This is What Is.

Inmates commit suicide exactly the same way all the time.  In the 40 days I spent behind bars myself, we were on continuous lockdown because several inmates had done just that.  I was unaware, as I’d never been locked up before and didn’t know the difference.

He had every reason to commit suicide.  He was facing extremely infamous charges, was very likely to be convicted and spend the rest of his life in jail.  He faced losing his vast fortune; which, in the meantime, meant nothing while he was behind bars.

If there were any evidence of involvement by Hilary Clinton, I would expect there to be many loud, serious, ongoing calls for a corresponding investigation; including calls from elected officials.  I would expect Attorney General Barr to launch such an investigation himself; he’s launched others. None of this has happened.

This suggests to me that proponents of the hashtag actually know that there is no basis for the accusation in What Is; and that, rather, it pertains to some sort of dream world that they actually prefer to What Is.


What Is can be hard to face.  It can be unpleasant. It includes frustrated romances, frustrated job aspirations, hurricanes, illnesses, and other unpleasantness.  It includes anxiety and indecision, fear that if I set a goal and work toward it, my hopes may not bear fruit. Ironically, on the one hand, I take great comfort in contemplating that which is beyond dispute; those things of which I can be completely certain.  This gives me the confidence, or courage, I need to step out into the unknown.

Those who fear What Is may retreat into a dream world.  And I apprehend that this includes our current President — who, after all, is advancing these theories.

The notion that Hilary Clinton assassinated Jeffrey Epstein pleases those who want to hate her. In the face of all life’s uncertainties, they’re certain of her malice. Likewise the Obama-enriched-Iran notion: it pleases those who want to hate him, certain of his malice.  Whether it’s the President’s place to encourage such hatred is a question.

There is no truth without love.

I’ve been a long time reaching this conclusion:

We don’t need a hatemonger President.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump isn’t helping.

  1. Just a couple of thoughts: The Epstein episode, in itself, is suspicious, but insufficient to implicate the Clintons. However, when one considers the body count of those associated with the Clintons, one gets the impression that something is wrong. Any investigator would want to see if there’s a common thread which ties these deaths together.

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