Are pretty women dumb?

Are pretty women dumb?Ancient Coins Found Buried in British CaveDependent houseguest

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Why do we let women get away with making sexist comments about other women?

I was surprised that this news item pertinent the William Tell Show appeared the day after those discussed last week.

I begin by questioning the title.  First, Keli Goff begins by using what I call “the liberal ‘we.'”  Who is this “we?”  Second, it seems to me this article itself testifies that “we” don’t let women get away with this.

On to the subject matter.

Last week, we looked at two news items from the perspective of Guideline 11 of Free Speech Handbook“Deal with exactly what the person says.”  On my first reading of Goff’s article, I mistakenly supposed she had neglected to quote exactly what the person said.  Turns out she did quote it:

“She is a good media figure because of her looks, but she doesn’t seem to know or understand anything about teaching and why tenure matters. . . . I know it sounds sexist to say that she is pretty, but that makes her telegenic, even if what she has to say is total nonsense.”

Who said this (of Campbell Brown)?

Diane Ravitch.

Bingo!  That a woman (rather than a man) said it is immaterial to me; here we have a classic violation of Guideline 1 of Free Speech HandbookJudge the thought, not the thinker.  (Click on the link for FSH‘s elaboration.)

Not much more need be said.  Allow me not to remark Campbell Brown’s appearance myself.  As to Diane Ravitch, I remember her from the 1980s when teaching and teacher tenure were personal/professional concerns to me, and — let me not remark about her personally myself.  That she said this is enough.

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Ancient Coins Found Buried in British Cave

The coins include specimens from the Iron Age and from prior to the Roman conquest of Britain.

I was surprised at how much is known of the tribes in Britain prior to the Roman conquest, and offhand would not have expected those tribes, or any people of the Iron Age, to use coins as currency. The article indicates that these coins weren’t necessarily used that way.

The Iron Age pertains to the time when people began making tools of iron, whereas in the Bronze Age immediately prior, they were making tools of (no surprise) bronze. Iron is stronger and harder than bronze, and requires a hotter furnace to be made; so the transition from one to the other represents a significant technological advance. This came to different peoples at different times. We find from Bible passages that at the time of David, the Philistines and Hittites had attained the Iron Age, but the Israelites had not; this gave the former a military advantage, since a sword of iron will cut through a sword of bronze, and the Philistines effectively ruled over the Israelites for many years. See Judges 1:19, Judges 4:3, 1 Samuel 13:19-22, 1 Samuel 17:7, 1 Samuel 17:38.

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Ask Amy: Depressed guest rules roost, then flies coop

Ask Amy’s first letter deals with a dependent houseguest who overstayed her welcome and then left on not-the-best terms.

I relate to this in that I see the potential for that houseguest to be me.

For which reason, I say that various people have correctly set limits on their generosity to me.

Amy advises that one must first take care of #1, and I agree.

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(Originally posted 08/04/14.)

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