Psychopaths’ favorite music

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Sunday, April 7, at Burger King, time came when there were only three custsomers present in the store: me, and this young couple.  They had been there for quite some time.  He was acting utterly disreputable; that’s the word that comes, and I know no other way to say it.  I cannot understand how any female can have such low self-esteem as to associate with the likes of him.

I went out for a smoke, having — per standard procedure — put my tablet in my backpack.  Minutes later, they came out — they left — and my intuition tole me they had my tablet.  I went back in and checked my backpack.  The tablet was gone, and so was the power cord, which had not been attached.

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The next time I heard Travis Scott(*)‘s “Sicko Mode,” I was impressed that it epitomizes the music that guy would like.  Tyga(**)‘s “Taste” is probably a close second.

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Playlist of the Lambs: psychopaths may have distinct musical preferences

Researchers in the UK found that psychopaths display strong preferences in music that contrast with those of non-psychopaths.  Two psychopathic favorites that they mentioned are Blackstreet’s  “No Diggity”  and Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”  They said that there are others for which the differences are even more stark.  They said a favorite of non-psychopaths is “My Sharona.”

Well, I surely have never liked “My Sharona.”  As to the others, I’ve listened to them and find nothing remarkable about them.  They’re typical pop songs.  Nothing in their lyrics seems particularly to appeal to psychopathy, either.  Something else is going on.

One first chooses how one wants to feel, and then chooses music prone to evoke those feelings.

It would be good to conduct fMRI scans on psychopaths and normal people, to see whether psychopaths’ favorite music stimulates the same brain structures in both — especially those structures that are diseased in psychopathy.  It would also be good to see whether passive exposure to such music evokes psychopathic tendencies.

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We cannot control what music adults choose to listen to themselves, but we can have concern for what music children are exposed to, especially given how environmental factors affect brain development.

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(*)A Kardashian baby daddy
(**)The same Kardashian’s ex

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