“Angry White Male Studies”

Hey!  It’s a college course about guys like me!

But from three credits, I’m a-not learn much.

University of Kansas class studying angry white males makes some white males angry: ‘Utter trash’

Hope Schreiber quotes one Kansas legislator and two students.  That’s not much of a reaction.

A course entitled ” … Studies” is sure to present a variety of perspectives on the subject.  Some are sure to have more merit than others.  I wonder whether any will provide real insight, or instead we’ll only get the same prepackaged “answers” that the politically correct have foisted upon us for decades.

It must be forty years since I first read that white men fear “loss of privilege.”  A local psychiatrist said in print, “White males have been told, ‘The world is your oyster,'” and that it was high time for that to change.  Well, no one ever told me the world was my oyster based on race.  I was never told that I did, should or would deserve advantage in the job market over others based on race.  All the indicators of white privilege are much more well-defined now than they were decades ago, and they’re not about to change.  It’s no loss to me if my barber knows how to cut black hair.

What angers me is being told that all my joy was stolen from black people.

I hope the course goes well.

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